Most popular movies on IMDb

Here are the top 1000 most popular movies on the Internet Movie database, along with their ratings and number of votes. I’ve also marked whether I’ve seen them or not, as of today.

This list, incidentally, is part of my source for the post on popular lousy movies.

Here is the Excel list of Top 1000 movies on IMDb.

  1. Arch says:

    Your site is too good.I browse thru so many blogs every other day, but hav found nothing as entertaining and as informative as this one. U must be really gifted fella…Y dont u post some pics of ur kid …

  2. err says:

    is to do.

  3. S Anand says:

    Thanks, Arch. I haven’t gotten around to posting any family stuff. No specific reason. Maybe I will…

  4. Michelle says:

    You have been writing movies, do you have top 10 books?

  5. DeuceLee says:

    Hi, I really love your imdb top 1000. Seriously it’s great info. Can you get an updated version from imdb and swivel? Looks like it’s been a while (2006). 🙂

  6. Andreas Beer says:

    Dude, you seriously should watch Yojimbo! Masterpiece! 😀