Pizza purchases and tipping

Interesting statistics on pizza purchases and tips.

Google News Map

Google news map

Virtual property rights in the online gaming world

Virtual property rights in the online gaming world.

Google Print Lets you search for books. It looks like a blank page, but there’s a lot behind it. via New Scientist

Saddam Hussein captured

Saddam captured. He looks pretty cool, unshaven.

Saddam Hussein with beard

Article on inflation

Good discussion on inflation. Talks about how currency used to be a way of exchanging stuff, a way of storing value and a measure of wealth. Today, it’s just a way of exchanging stuff. It’s value keeps changing (inflation or deflation), so it’s not much good for the last two.

Google not the top search engine

Google doesn’t think it’s the top search engine any more. via Anders Jacobsen

Chess set designed by Karim Rashid

Chess Set designed by Karim Rashid, next to the piece I photographed a couple of months ago. They’re identical.

Chess set designed by Karim Rashid Chessmen, 2003-09-10

via Markose

Apple does not make money on iTunes

However, Apple doesn’t make money on iTunes. It goes to the RIAA and credit card companies.

Update: 24 Apr 2007 — Looks like Apple is making money on iTunes after all. They’ve renegotiated agreements, especially with credit card companies, and make as much as 10 cents per song.

PC iTunes downloads

PC iTunes hits 1 million downloads.

Apple also announced a promotion with PepsiCo Inc. starting in February in which 100 million winning bottle caps on certain Pepsi drinks grant the winner a free song.

When I read that, I said, “That’s 99 million dollars!”
Then I said, “No, it costs just the royalty… which may be a fixed cost anyway.”
Then I figured, “Lots of people will buy Pepsi. Maybe Pepsi paid Apple for it.”
Smart move, Jobs.