10 ways to add variety to your digital photographs

10 ways to add variety to your digital photographs. Exposure bracketing sounds especially interesting.

  1. Dhar says:

    Err, this seems a sure shot way of never learning to photograph properly. The problem with this approach is that people just take shots and pray that things will turn out correct (spray and pray). It would be better to make LOTS of mistakes early on and get a correct idea of things like exposure and composition and then use Exposure bracketing. “when it comes to shooting lots of images – take note of what you%u2019re doing.” From personal experience, this is crazy. With film SLRs (at least the model I had), note taking was often required because info about shutter speed, aperture, focal length was not available otherwise. But come on, with digital cameras this is easily available in the EXIF data. And how many times would you interrupt your photography session to note down these details. I personally feel, the better idea is to MAKE mistakes. Dont bother with exposure bracketing, multiple shots with different focal lengths and the like. If your snaps dont come out right, analysis and comments from people who know photographic techniques will tell you what is to be done the next time and then your snaps will be correct. Sorry for the long comment, but felt it worthwhile to point out a different opinion. Cheers, D.