Under the staircase of Bandra station

House under Bandra station staircase

Under the staircase of Bandra station lies a two-storeyed apartment. Dupleix layout, single room. East-facing, with elevated entrance.

It’s 8:00am. The man on the ladder is a boot polish-walla. He’s picking up his box, getting ready for work, while his colleague watches. Their families is still asleep in the single room. And in the room, along with them, is a rather cramped storage space.

I wonder how many live in such conditions. Of course, it’s much better than the slums around Mahim. Still, it looks like a rather difficult life.

Yet people manage. I asked a driver a few months ago why he’d migrated to Mumbai. “Livelihood,” was his simple answer. At the end of the day, there are far more well-paying jobs in Mumbai than most other cities. Despite the ridiculous rents and cramped spaces.

  1. Aparna says:

    Anand, If someone does not stop the torrential pouring of men in Mumbai, very soon the city will have no space left! Mumbai has close to 29000 people per sq km, can you believe it. I am agitated not amazed. And yes, severely pained for the state of my country’s financial capital.