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I checked in to dodgeball, she said, and “I got an alert that ‘so-and-so has a crush on you, and he is at X bar, go and say hi.'” she said.

So McGunigle went to the bar, and by coincidence, it was the same guy she’d just seen on the subway. Like her, he’d been too shy to make an approach, but not to send a text message.

  1. Dhar says:

    > Nor do I. I host on Geocities, which serves ads.
    So why not try They give a free *nix account and currently they often have problems with quota system. So technically unlimited space, no banner ads, amazing uptime… blah… blah… blah.

  2. S Anand says: is what I am testing right now.

  3. S Anand says:

    But in the meantime, the ads seem to have vanished!

  4. Dhar says:

    Yeah.. that is right. I wonder what happened.