Hotel lift

We were staying at the Croydon Park Hotel, on the second floor. There were two elevators, and one of them was down for maintenance. I was walking into the other elevator as the maintenance man stepped in as well. He started pressing the elevator buttons: one, two…

“Oh, sorry sir. I was doing some maintenance on the other lift. I didn’t want this lift to come down for some time. You go right ahead.”

He stepped out, with the first and second floors lit up. I thought I’d help him a bit. Pressed 3, 4, 5, … every button there was in the lift

I got out at the second floor. A tall, well-dressed man got in to the elevator. Turned around. Looked at me.

“Is this going down?”

Before I could answer, the doors shut.

Hope he enjoyed the view of every floor in the hotel.