India district map

I put together a district map of India in SVG this weekend.

So what?

You can now plot data available at a district level on a map, like the temperature in India over the last century (via IndiaWaterPortal). The rows are years (1901, 1911, … 2001) and the columns are months (Jan, Feb, … Dec). Red is hot, green is cold.


(Yeah, the west coast is a great place to live in, but I probably need to look into the rainfall.)

districts.svg has has 640 districts (I’ve no idea what the 641st looks like) and is tagged with the State and District names as titles:

<g title="Madhya Pradesh">
  <path title="Alirajpur" d="..." />
  <path title="Jhabua" d="..." />


I made it from the 2011 census map (0.4MB PDF). I opened it in Inkscape, removed the labels, added a layer for the districts, and used the paint bucket to fill each district’s area. I then saved the districts layer, cleaning it up a big. Then I labelled each district with a title. (Seemed like the easiest way to get this done.)

Thanks to @planemad, @gkjohn, @arjunram for inputs. Play around. Feedback welcome.

  1. Thejesh GN says:

    Thanks for the map. Very useful.

    Btw you can cname map your bitbucket account. Its free.

  2. Rishi says:

    Wonderful stuff Anand!!!

    I would say – upload this on Wikipedia – but then we would have several flamewars with our dear neighbours on the borders shown.

  3. S Anand says:

    @Thej — AHA! Didn’t know about the CNAMEing bitbucket. Thanks.

  4. Dibyo says:

    Awesome – I’ve struggled with this for a while now.

  5. Arulalan.T says:

    Thanks a lot for the India District Map in pdf and svg. From this post I got few ideas to generate shape (shp) files. I edited the India map in CDAT [1] shape files by generate the lat,lon points by hand itself [2]. I want to develop the India district shape file by automatic.

    Your project and code lights in my way.

    Thanks a lot.



  6. Minh says:

    Thanks a lot. Do you have the shapefiles for your svg data? I could not find the new district level (2011 census) anywhere? Can you share with me?

    Many thanks.

  7. mahir says:

    Dear Anand,

    Great work. I have made a tool to translate these location names using wikipedia’s toolserver. people can translate these svg maps from

    I have successfully translated India political map from english to tamil for tamil wikipedia.படிமம்:Ta_India_National_Highway_17.png

    Please try once.


  8. Arijit Upadhyay says:

    Some district names have changed since you posted this. Do you have an update for this map. Or how to edit them. Linkscape destroys the XML tags.

  9. Prakash says:

    Dear Friend would it be possible to get shp and dbf file of indian state with undivided bihar, up and mp.