Taare Zameen Par and Calvin

Watch this segment of Taare Zameen Par.

Then check these Calvin & Hobbes strips.

A small red spacecraft breaks through the cloud cover of Mysterio system planet 6! At the controls, it's none other than our fearless hero, Spaceman Spiff! Piloting over the lifeless world, he reflects on his unusual mission... QUIZ 1. 6+5= ... to somehoe crash planets 6 and 5 together!

In a scientific mission to discover what happens when two planets collide, Spaceman Spiff drops anchor! The anchor catches on a hillside! Spiff downshifts and guns the motor! Imperceptibly at first, the planet slowly moves, towed along by our hero, until... ...breaking orbit, planet 6 picks up speed, hurling towards planet 5!

Pulled by Spaceman Spiff, planet 6 is about to collide with planet 5! With no time to lose, our hero cuts loose the anchor and flies to safety! The planets crash, grinding and shattering with awful force! Planet 5, being smaller, is crunched to dust! Only 6 remains! 6+5=6. Time! Pass your papers forward. TIME?! I just finished the first problem!

Bless them both — Aamir and Bill.

  1. Saurabh says:

    Interesting! So we know who is the copy cat here 🙂 BTW, I didn’t know that you can just post a segment using Google Video..Is this something that can be done for Youtube videos as well.

  2. Chittaranjan says:

    Yeah! That whole “Math Problem” and the Cartoonic representation of it Immediately reminded me of ‘Spaceman Spiff’…. I did look within my C&H archives for this strip but couldn’t find it. Thanks for this now…

  3. Tarun says:

    yeah…. i realised it the moment the maths problem came in front of that fellow.

  4. JK says:

    God when will our people come up with our own ideas? Every movie and songs and albums have been a copy from some of the best in the Western countries. Sad on our education system that does not make us think out of box leading to such pathetic situation 🙁

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  6. BabyGodfather says:

    Maybe a little too late to respond here, but yup I did observe this too while watching the movie !

    I just choose to say God Bless Bill, not Aamir for stealing / approving the stealing and making money out of it. Did the so called perfect and creative guy credit Bill Watterson there ? I highly doubt that. It’s a direct theft.

    P.S. : Big fan of your site.

  7. Paul H says:

    I remember a Looney Tunes cartoon about a boy that daydreams in class and has spaceman adventures during lessons. That must out date Calvin and Hobbes by at least a decade if not more.

  8. Paul H says:

    The Looney Tunes cartoons are A to Z-Z-Z-Z (1953) and Boyhood Daze (1957). The daydreams of Calvin are very similar to those of the Ralph Phillips character. I was off by a few decades. No doubt Bill Watterson saw these cartoons as a child.