Software that builds on hunches

Software that builds on hunches.

… is a filter for images that allows a naive user to improve digital photos without understanding complex tools like Adobe Photoshop, by choosing from mutations of the picture to make it better. “My grandmother doesn’t know anything about improving pictures,” says Bonabeau, “but she knows which pictures of her grandchildren she likes.”

Wired News tried out the photo selector. After loading the photograph you want to improve, the application shows you nine mutant versions. In the case of a dark photo, it’s easy enough to pick a lighter version and move it to the seed area so that it becomes the foundation of the next crop of mutation pictures. You can keep selecting and mutating indefinitely. When you find the version you like, you save it. In a photo of a dark house and a moon, seven iterations were enough to lighten the photograph adequately.

This is from Icosystem, who’re doing some cool work like using ants’ logic to route BT’s telecom traffic or Fedex’s packages.