Simple framing

Framing – using words to build a frame of mind.

A Senator goes on a Fox News show in which a conservative argues with a liberal. The conservative host says: “Some say that more tax relief creates more jobs. You have voted against increased tax relief. Why?” The Senator is caught. Any attempt to answer the question as asked simply reinforces both the Tax Relief frame and the “Tax Relief Creates Jobs” frame. The question builds in a conservative worldview and false “facts”. Even to deny that “tax relief” creates jobs accepts the Tax Relief frame and reinforces the “Tax Relief Creates Jobs” frame.

  1. Dhar says:

    Had heard about concept of Framing earlier too. For example, it is always “Defense Spending”. While the fact of the matter is that all weapons creater are for offense. But it is easier getting buget for a Defense program rather than an Offense Program. Lakoff I believe has done a lot of work on Framing and his books are mentioned on the side bar in the link you provided.

  2. Dhar says:

    Just found out Lakoff is the person behind Rockridge Institute. I am just going through his book “Metaphors We Live By”. Slightly dense, takes time to read/understand.

  3. Alpha Geek says:

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  4. S Anand says:

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