Movie tickets

I missed seeing Someone Like You at Sterling. The show was to start at 10:45PM. At 10:30PM, four of us were deciding on a go/no-go for Rs.200 in black. We figured, having come all this way, may as well go for it, and hunted for the chap. Not to be found. In the meantime, there’s another offer for Rs. 250. We spend a while over it. Finally, yes, it’s probably worth it. We go hunt for him again. The guy says wait, and wanders around trying to buy tickets. That’s crazy! But we waited. By which time it was 10:45, and the market rates rose to Rs. 300, and only two tickets were available.

Xavier told me that the Titanic once sold for Rs. 500 a ticket. I would’ve thought there was something seriously wrong here, except that I’m the kind of guy that would probably pay something like that for a movie. Anyway, we walked back to Just Around The Corner, discussing why the theatres weren’t taking the margins of the black-ticket sellers, decided it was a governance issue (as the manager was probably taking a cut anyway), got drenched in the rain, and still couldn’t figure out who the blonde poster at Just Around The Corner was.