I’m fairly stingy. When it comes to books, I’ve always taken it to extremes.

For example, I’ve read several Asimov novels at Landmark (Chennai). I’d walk into the stoor, pick up an Asimov, just stand there (no seats) and read for 4 hours. After the neck-ache becomes unbearable, I’d leave and come back the next day.

I got pretty tech-savvy once I got a laptop and a mobile phone. I would walk over to bookshops, note down the names of interesting books on my mobile, and download books in digital format. I’ve a pretty large collection now.

Last week, I went over to Waterstone’s at Oxford Street. Armed with a cameraphone, I had the ability to even take pictures of books I wanted to read.

A few days ago, I discovered the Redbridge Council Libraries. Council libraries are free. Well-stocked. Well-spread. I casually walked in to one of them, and as I strolled through the aisles, I had more goose-bumps than I’ve ever had in a long time. The collection is excellent!

A few minutes ago, I’ve perfected the art of stingy book reading. Here’s my six-step process.

Process for reading books

  1. Jyoti says:

    Your blog is a riot! 🙂