How would I compare LBS against IIM-B so far? Let’s see.

  • Faculty: LBS probably wins marginally. More famous faculty, more industry experience, better communication. But like I said, marginal.
  • IT infrastructure: IIM-B wins!
  • IT management: LBS wins. They manage what they’ve got extremely well.
  • Companies coming for placement: LBS wins.
  • Placement process: Debatable. IIM-B definitely has a more student-friendly process.
  • Library: Books-wise, IIM-B wins. Electronic resources-wise, LBS wins.
  • Students: Comparable. Too early to tell the difference probably. The point is, however, that everyone in LBS has a lot of work-experience.
  • Campus: IIM-B wins hands down. I mean, LBS faces Regent’s Park and all that, but it doesn’t really have a campus.
  • Lecture rooms: LBS wins marginally. Slightly better rooms, better equipment.
  • Hostel: IIM-B wins. LBS doesn’t have one.
  • Location: LBS wins. Heart of London.
  • Exchange programmes: LBS wins.

LBS is ahead, but not by far.

Today, I saw a train coming late for the first time. The British Rail comes to the Ilford station at minutes ending in 3 (11:03, 11:13, etc.) Today, the train was TWO MINUTES late. Two whole minutes. Probably because it was raining. I hear people complain about the punctuality of these trains.

Well, most of the day was spent at the computer center doing assignments. If you want a flavour of what I’m doing, check out my report on Koito, which is about Pickens trying to take over Koito.