Knowing less is better

Malcolm Gladwell argues that knowing less can be an advantage. This is based on a study in which kids in the US were asked which was a bigger city: San Antonio or San Diego. Many didn’t know. Kids in Germany were asked the same. Most knew: San Diego was bigger. Why? Because they’d heard of San Diego, but not of San Antonio.

P.S: A comment mentions that the actual difference in population between these cities is only 2%. So maybe the US kids were right to be unsure…

  1. texan says:

    Please read the actual pschologist’s blog at to see the distinction between “city limits” & “metro area”. i or any outsider ( still a US person ) would associate san diego(San Antonio) with its metro area than ‘city limits’. I think the american kids were influenced by the popular saying ‘Everything is big in Texas !!!’ i live in Texas BTW