India Poised

India Poised: a video featuring Amitabh Bachchan. Here’s the transcript.

There are two Indias in this country. One India is straining at the leash, eager to spring forth and live up to all the adjectives that the world has been recently showering upon us.

The other India is the leash.

One India says “Give me a chance, and I’ll prove myself.”

The other India says “Prove yourself first, and maybe then, you’ll have a chance.”

One India lives in the optimism of our hearts.

The other India lurks in the scepticism of our minds.

One India wants.

The other India hopes.

One India leads.

The other India follows.

These conversions are on the rise. With each passing day, more and more people from the other India are coming over to this side. And quietly, while the world is not looking, a pulsating, dynamic India is emerging.

An India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear of failure.

An India that no longer boycotts foreign-made goods, but buys out the companies that makes them instead.

History, they say, is a bad motorist. It rarely ever signals its intentions when it’s taking a turn.

This is that rarely ever moment. History is turning a page.

For over half a century, our nation has sprung, stumbled, run, fallen, rolled over, got up and dusted ourself, and cantered, sometimes lurched on.

But now, in our sixtieth year as a free nation, the ride has brought us to the edge of time’s great precipice.

And one India, a tiny little voice at the back of the head, is looking down at the bottom of the ravine, and hesitating. The other India is looking up at the sky and saying, “It’s time to fly.”

  1. Iqbal says:

    visit for more Bachchan, Gulzar, etc on India Poised

  2. Saurabh says:

    An initiative from TOI, Read more here at

  3. yogesh sharma says:

    the video was fentastic, both in hindi as well as english, when i listen it first time i was shocked that this thing i was realising before 1 month ago and now appricate this video so much

  4. MJ says:

    This was really great. I heard it on a desi radio channnel ini Toronto Canada…..I loved it and decided to search for it…. Thank you for putting it up……I am going to passthe link to many….

  5. NJ says:

    Can someone please put the lyric for shankar mahadevan’s versio.. Phalak pakad… please

  6. Titiksha says:

    Excellent lyrics, Words flowing from deep-rooted sesitivity of the poet, Masterly rendered by the born actor in his deep, resonant voice creating the precise impact. HATS OFF.

  7. Arindam Dey says:

    Send me this

  8. shaishav says:

    hats off to the words they r written n said so wonderfully tht they touches the inner heart n soul……… salute once again

  9. Concerned says:

    All this India Poised nonsense is pure marketing bullshit

  10. Rohan says:

    Mr.Bacchan is fantastic,and the way hes prested it ,its jus wow!!!!!

  11. subadra says:

    it s good

  12. Deepa Sairam says:

    Very Inspiring.

  13. harsh selarka says:

    very inspiring & fantastic job done by amitabh bachhan

  14. gaurav kumar says:

    very inspiring..too goodddddddd

  15. Male Sosa says:

    It´s not only inspiring it´s been writen with love and pride, with humble & honest words. It reaches the heart & the soul.

  16. Riya says:

    @Concerned it is only a hard heart that isnt moved by these lovely words