I learn that guys want to speak to girls

Guys want to speak to girls, not guys. (I’m root_node)
ra_sun74: hi
root_node: Hi ra_sun74, ASL?
ra_sun74: m/26/dehi
ra_sun74: u
root_node: M/26/MUM. Are you a Delhi-ite? As in, born in Delhi?

There ends the conversation. ra_sun74 doesn’t even say Bye. He’s not interested.

root_node: Hi Sanav. Where are you from?
s_sanav: asl
root_node: m/26/mum. Still interested in chatting?

Clearly not.

rosesaif: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
root_node: Hi rosesaif. ASL, please?
rosesaif: 19m
rosesaif: u
root_node: 26/M/Mumbai. Where are you from?
rosesaif: mum
rosesaif: bye
root_node: Bye.

adhwaryukunal: I can we chat
root_node: Sure can. Where are you from?
adhwaryukunal: malad
adhwaryukunal: asl zpl
root_node: M/26/Nariman Point. And you?

rahul_in_2kin: hi!
rahul_in_2kin: wanna chat
root_node: Sure Rahul, why don’t we talk in the main room itself?
rahul_in_2kin: asl
root_node: M/26/MUM
root_node: Yours?
rahul_in_2kin: m 20 ind
rahul_in_2kin: bye
root_node: Bye.

rahul and rosesaif were very polite and said bye. By this time, I became wiser, as the next couple of chats will indicate.

ummagummain: nothing wrong in being selfish..but why be? when u can gain better things by not being….
ummagummain: whatever that means…..
root_node: Uh, U, in case you think I’m 19/F or something, I have to disappoint you — 26/M. Still want to PM?

crazyace_2002in: hi thete
root_node: Hi crazy!
crazyace_2002in: ur a/s/l plz??
root_node: M, to start with. I could proceed with the A & L, but my experience in these matters is usually a negative
crazyace_2002in: bye
root_node: See you. And best of luck with the girls!

mrsid_2001: hi
anand_m26blr: Hi mrsid
mrsid_2001: hi
mrsid_2001: asl pls
anand_m26blr: M 26 Mumbai.
anand_m26blr: If you’re a bachelor and want to marry me, I might have to dissapoint you
mrsid_2001: bye