Hindi songs 1995s

Here is the background music from some Hindi songs between 1995-1999. Can you guess which movie they are from?

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

Score: 0 / 10

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9
Song 10
  1. Sarvadamana says:

    9/10 in the previous and 8/10 in this one. Is it possible to mail the answers for numbers 6 and 7 of this quiz and number-6 of hindi songs 2000s?

  2. amitabh biyani says:

    10 on 10 here 🙂 good quiz

  3. sourish says:


  4. deepak joshi says:

    thank you