Google Talk

Google Talk is a Google instant messenger. It’s quite small (900K), very simple, and uses HTML+Javascript+CSS+XML. But I’m yet to figure out it it has any cool features. Quick review at DownloadSquad.

  1. Prasenjeet says:

    Not sure about the HTML/JS/CSS … looks like a tightly-written Win32 app to me

  2. S Anand says:

    Oh, is it? Looked quite like a web page to me… will check out.

  3. Dhar says:

    I tried out the voice chat. Leaving comparisons aside (as I have not used Skype), the sound quality was amazing. It was almost as if the person was in the room with me. Other than that, no cool features. 🙁

  4. S Anand says:

    Probably thanks to all the fiber optic bandwidth they’re supposed to have purchased. But I wonder how.

  5. Dhar says:

    Finally got it working at home and tried exploring various features. At the end of the process, realized there are hardly _any_ features. Will take it some time to catch up with features of clients like Yahoo Messenger.

  6. jayant says:

    I guess it is better with less features. Thin client is all about that. Less download time. More functionality which avg users click more. Voice quality is great if both parties are using broadband. On dial up, it comes with bit of lag and some echo.

  7. Dhar says:

    Anand, had some thoughts on where Google Talk may really be headed. Have put a rough outline here.