Taare Zameen Par lyrics

The songs were moving enough. The lyrics turn out to be beautiful too. The beauty of the language really comes out with songs like these.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ivory sculptures

Ivory sculptures at the Guangzhou Chen Family Temple. The first two, especially, have spheres within spheres within spheres… which looks impossible to carve.

Intricately carved ivory at the Chen Family Temple Intricately carved ivory at the Chen Family Temple

Intricately carved ivory at the Chen Family Temple Intricately carved ivory at the Chen Family Temple


John Resig has written a Sparklines library. Here’s an example. I wrote that HTTP download speeds not linear and that they flatten out over time. A linear line would look like this: The little red line here is a sparkline that’s based on real data. John’s javascript converts the data into a graph.

Sparklines were introduced by Edward Tufte.

7 little known ways to improve learning

7 little known ways to improve learning.

Crack Gmail Yahoo Mail and Hotmail passwords

MessenPass recovers passwords for instant messengers — GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Messenger included. These passwords are the same as their corresponding e-mails (GMail and Yahoo Mail at least). via Amit.

Hacking Exposed Web Applications, Second Edition (Hacking Exposed) Hacking: The Art of Exploitation Hacking For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) Gray Hat Hacking : The Ethical Hacker's Handbook

How to access Gmail even if it is blocked

If you just want to check if you have new mail on Gmail, use Google’s personalised home page and add Gmail to the homepage. This shows new mail and a few words as a snippet.

If you want to read your mail, and don’t want to forward it to another account, use Google Groups as a backup to Gmail. Create a private Google Group and forward mails from Gmail to it. Google Groups often is not blocked, even if Gmail is.

Justin TV

The Truman Show is on for real, on Justin.TV.

Justin wears the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even in the bathroom. Even on a date.

This is really live. Honest. Right now.

Justin will wear the camera until the day he dies. By which we mean if he takes it off, we’ll kill him.

The show has been on for 9 days till date.

Sony Universal Warner and EMI the worst companies in 2007

RIAA wins the “Worst Company in America 2007”. The RIAA is mainly EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner.

Creating user friendly 404 pages

Creating user friendly 404 pages.

Amazing physics experiments

Videos of amazing physics experiments.