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Classic texts in computer science

Classic texts in computer science. Worth reading for the sheer insight.

Update: The link didn’t seem to work in Feb 2007. Here’s the list.

BitTorrent round-up on lifehacker

The Personal MBA

The Personal MBA. John Kaufman says reading (and practicing) these 42 books should be as good as any MBA (and that an MBA is, perhaps excessively, expensive). Some of these books are worth a read in any case.

Master Yourself

Manage Your Life and Work

Learn the Fundamentals

Strategic Thinking

The Only Thing Constant is Change

Masters of Management

The Finest Minds in Business

Dollars on the Books

Numbers and Negotiations

Operational Effectiveness

Form and Function

Project Management and Marketing

Do Your Own Thing

Speak Your Mind

The Delicate Art of Human Relations

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Economics and Worldviews

Businesses, Past and Present

Rules and Morals

Analyze This

Voices of Experience

Pulitzer Prize non-fiction

These are the Pulitzer prize winning non-fiction books. I’ve read only two: Godel, Escher, Bach and Guns, Germs and Steel. These were the very best books I have EVER read. If that’s any indication to go by, I want to finish this whole list.

Software inventory

I end up changing my office laptops every year or so, and hence reinstall lots of software. Here’s my inventory.

I most certainly will install the following.
ActivePerl. I still program. I know Perl. I love Perl.
Acrobat Reader
DivX player
Dave’s quicksearch deskbar
Microsoft Office 2003. Has some really good improvements over Office 2000.
NoteTab Light. Multiple tabs notepad. But is there anything better?
Nero Express
Picasa 2
WinAmp (with Media Library import/export)

I most likely will install the following, but not necessarily.
Adobe Photoshop. Almost vital, but I can live with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
Goldwave. I often record interviews, or give commentary for home-made movies.
Google Earth (with Fraps). To browse the world and make movies out of them.
Google Toolbar
Mozilla Firefox. For multi-tabbed browsing, mainly. Otherwise, IE is fine.
MSN Messenger. Just for the interface. Somehow, it feels “smoother” than Yahoo.
RealPlayer. Don’t listen to RealAudio that much. Still…
UnixUtils. I use “grep” and “less” more often than “dir”
VirtualDub. For the occasional movie editing that Microsoft Movie Maker can’t handle.
WinHtTrack. To browse offline.
Google Desktop Search. Helps remember my browsing history.

Tempting, but no thanks.
Opera. Mozilla’s fine, thank you.
Yahoo Messenger. MSN Messenger’s better, thank you.
Yahoo Desktop Search. Better interface than Google’s. But no browsing history.

Top 10 Hindi movies ever

Inspired post by Aashish on the top 10 hindi movies ever.

  1. Sholay
  2. Lagaan
  3. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
  4. Anand
  5. Deewar
  6. Roja
  7. Aandhi
  8. Golmaal
  9. Khamoshi
  10. Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha