Software inventory

I end up changing my office laptops every year or so, and hence reinstall lots of software. Here’s my inventory.

I most certainly will install the following.
ActivePerl. I still program. I know Perl. I love Perl.
Acrobat Reader
DivX player
Dave’s quicksearch deskbar
Microsoft Office 2003. Has some really good improvements over Office 2000.
NoteTab Light. Multiple tabs notepad. But is there anything better?
Nero Express
Picasa 2
WinAmp (with Media Library import/export)

I most likely will install the following, but not necessarily.
Adobe Photoshop. Almost vital, but I can live with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
Goldwave. I often record interviews, or give commentary for home-made movies.
Google Earth (with Fraps). To browse the world and make movies out of them.
Google Toolbar
Mozilla Firefox. For multi-tabbed browsing, mainly. Otherwise, IE is fine.
MSN Messenger. Just for the interface. Somehow, it feels “smoother” than Yahoo.
RealPlayer. Don’t listen to RealAudio that much. Still…
UnixUtils. I use “grep” and “less” more often than “dir”
VirtualDub. For the occasional movie editing that Microsoft Movie Maker can’t handle.
WinHtTrack. To browse offline.
Google Desktop Search. Helps remember my browsing history.

Tempting, but no thanks.
Opera. Mozilla’s fine, thank you.
Yahoo Messenger. MSN Messenger’s better, thank you.
Yahoo Desktop Search. Better interface than Google’s. But no browsing history.

  1. Krishna says:

    Looks like bloglines has issues with showing the RSS of the post. Especially the list of programs. I get a blank list 🙁

  2. Krishna says:

    And a really nice way to show comments! I love it!

  3. S Anand says:

    Hope the RSS feed is fixed now. And thanks!

  4. Dhar says:

    Does Winzip do something that Winrar doesnt?

  5. Dhar says:

    No anti-virus software?Tipping my hat to you… You, sir, are a brave man! Try Avast, it is free and it is good!

  6. Shiva says:

    ‘Digit ‘ One of the popular PC magazine rated it as the ‘Best’, i tried it believe me after that my system had 50 Trojans and worms and my Laptop was badly affected

  7. S Anand says:

    I just like WinZip’s interface. As for anti-virus, believe it or not, yes, I am quite foolish on that front.

  8. S Anand says:

    How’s AVG? Heard it was good.

  9. Krishna says:

    RSS Feed is fine now. Thanks!

  10. Dhar says:

    Since I did not want to shell out loads of moolah, I just downloaded Avast to give it a shot. I have been pretty impressed by it since then. Another one you might want to give a shot is Clamwin (

  11. Dhar says:

    Are you able to run Bitlord from behind firewalls? Or do you use some kind of tunneling software? I have been unable to get bittorrent to work with tunnelling software. 🙁

  12. S Anand says:

    Not behind a firewall, luckily.

  13. A Karthik says:

    jedit is good

  14. S Anand says:

    Hey, great to hear from you, Karthik! Will mail you.

  15. Dhar says:

    Just saw that you will be installing DivX player. Why not give MPlayer or VLC a try. I personally love Mplayer.

  16. sathish says:

    for editors, I have off late starting using ScitE editor.. It is pretty good with multiple tabs and coloring based on the language one uses for coding

  17. Dhar says:

    Somehow I still prefer VIM for simple editing. I tried convincing people at work that I use LaTe X for all document preparation needs, but somehow it got shot down. 🙁

  18. S Anand says:

    I tried Avast. Pretty impressive.