How I listen to music

I have a large MP3 collection (Tamil and Hindi films). I don’t like selecting songs to listen to. Too much effort.

I rated all songs I had listened to (650 songs x 5-10 seconds = 1-2 hrs) and created 7 SmartViews. I just go to one of these and play them in order. Here are my views, in descending order of their use.

  1. Most played. Sorted by Play Count. Songs I play the most. Plays stuff I listen to usually.
  2. Not heard recently. Played Last before 3 months ago AND Rating >= 3. Plays good songs I haven’t heard recently.
  3. Not played much or recently. Played Last before 1 month ago AND Play Count <= 2 AND Rating >= 3. Plays good songs I haven’t heard often enough.
  4. Recent hits. Last updated after 3 months ago AND Play count >= 3. Plays songs recently added and liked.
  5. Recently played. Sorted by Last Updated. Often, I like to listen to songs I listened to yesterday.
  6. Top rated. Sorted by Rating. My best songs. (Suprisingly, I don’t use this view much.)
  7. Recently added. Sorted by Played Last. Plays songs I just downloaded.

But WinAmp’s not good enough. For example, I can’t find out what songs I played at least thrice last month. How do I see what I’ve been listening to a lot recently? Fortunately, there are a few WinAmp history plugins. I installed Pepper, which produces a log file that can be analysed. I did this two weeks ago, and don’t have enough data. When I do, I’ll modify two views

  1. Not heard much or recently. I’ll change this to “Not heard much recently” – Rating >= 3, Play Count > 5, Play Count = 0 last month.
  2. Recent hits. Modify it to show songs played at least thrice last month.
  1. arunvis says:

    Windows media player has these as auto playlists

  2. S Anand says:

    I just was the Windows Media Player auto playlists. They’re pretty good, actually!

  3. S Anand says:

    But it doesn’t have the equivalent of “what have I been listening to a lot recently?” — for which WinAmp has a plugin. Wonder if there are plugins like this for WMP.

  4. jawahar says:

    hai anand how do u create such smart views