Driving from California to Stockholm

Google Maps directions from California to Stockhom

Google Maps directions from California to Stockhom. Google suggests a "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean". 3,462 miles. Estimated time: 29 days 0 hours

  1. Crazyassblondechick says:

    wow that’s really funny!

  2. nku says:

    Ha ha ha. Someone at Google taking “creativity” very seriously 🙂

  3. aussie desi says:

    Someone at Google got the speed of humans in water totally wrong. In order to cover this distance, the person needs to swim 8kms an hour non stop. The FINA world record for 1500 meters is 14:34.56. Thus a person can swim only 6 kms an hour. Creativity – 10/10 Math – 0/10