Advanced Google Reader

I’ve stopped visiting websites.

No, really. There’s only one website I visit these days. Google Reader.

Google Reader screenshot

Google Reader is a feed reader. If you want to just catch up on the new stuff on a site, you can add the site to Google Reader. Anything new that is published on the site appears in Google Reader. Right now, I’ve subscribed to over 50 feeds. There’s no way I can remember to visit 50 sites — so I’m actually able to read more and miss less.

In a sense, that’s the essence of using feeds to read stuff: remember less, read more and miss less. If I ever find an interesting site, I just add it to Google Reader and forget about it.

But it goes beyond that. You can subscribe to search results.

Videos, for examples. Subscribe to a search for google engedu on Google Video. Any new TechTalk at Google, you get it in your Reader. (The talks are fabulous by the way.) Or search for hindi movies.

Photos? Track new photos of the Indian cricket team on Flickr.

Movies? Get an update of the latest movie torrents from mininova or torrentspy. Or just get updates on American Gangster DVDRip.

Presentations? Track anything on Javascript or consulting from SlideShare.

Documents? Find new eBooks on Scribd.

Not all pages offer a feed. But Page2Rss offers a reasonable solution. It converts pretty much any page into a feed.

It’s gotten to the point where anything I know I want to read, I put it on Google Reader. The rest of the Internet is when I don’t know what I want to read.

  1. Jayan says:

    Same here. I ve been using it for over 2 months now. I subscribe to over 200 feeds. This reader is coool.. – (

  2. Simon32 says:

    I agree, RSS is great! Btw, you might also want to checkout Feedity – for creating free custom RSS feeds.