1. Arun says:

    well, i start typing in the box…then i take the cursor away from it… works now… 🙂 sorry, i guess it was tempoarry hitch…anyway, not a big deal…was just irritating me at that point…

  2. Dhar says:

    No, I still have that problem. Type something in the textbox, click somewhere else and click back on the text box. There are times the cursor plain disappears. But occasionally it does re-appear.

  3. S Anand says:

    I haven’t been able to reproduce it. Well, hope it’s a browser glitch.

  4. kinu says:

    i havent tried it yet. could u throw light on watare the tings that a finance student wanting to go in equity research shuld inculcate.. .i mean im a perfectionist and detail oriented