Twitter via e-mail

Since I don’t have Internet access on my BlackBerry (because I’m in prison), I’ve had a pretty low incentive to use Twitter. Twitter’s really handy when you’re on the move, and over the last year, there were dozens of occasions where I really wanted to tweet something, but didn’t have anything except my BlackBerry on hand. Since T-Mobile doesn’t support Twitter via SMS, e-mail is my only option, and I haven’t been able to find a decent service that does what I want it to do.

So, obviously, I wrote one this weekend:

I’ve kept it as simple as I could. If I send an email to, it replies with the latest tweets on my Twitter home page. If I mail it again, it replies with new tweets since the last email.

I can update my status by sending a mail with “Update” as the subject. The first line of the body is the status.

I can reply to tweets. The tweets contain a “reply” link that opens a new mail and replies to it.

I can subscribe to tweets. Sending an email with “subscribe” as the subject sends the day’s tweets back to me every day at the same hour that I subscribed. (I’m keeping it down to daily for the moment, but if I use it enough, may expand it to a higher frequency.)

Soon enough, I’ll add re-tweeting and (update: added retweets on 27 Oct) a few other things. I intend keeping this free. Will release the source as well once I document it. The source code is at Github.

Give it a spin: Let me know how it goes!

For the technically minded, here are a few more details. I spent last night scouting for a small, nice, domain name using nxdom. I bought it using Google Apps for $10. The application itself is written in Python and hosted on AppEngine. I use the Twitter API via OAuth and store the user state via Lilcookies. The HTML is based on html5boilerplate, and has no images.

  1. Jayson says:

    Pretty neat work! What was the time taken for this to be done?

  2. S Anand says:

    Let’s see… 5 hours on Sunday to get the Twitter API working… 4 hours yesterday to get the user management sorted… about 5 hours today to get the UI done. About 14 hours so far.

  3. Aravinda says:

    Very nice app 🙂

  4. Praveen says:

    Awesome app.

  5. pgt says:

    have you checked out , they do twitter among other things

  6. Rockey says:

    Tussi Great ho !

  7. Amitesh says:


    I am not a techie but this application looks sure value to me.

    Great work!