Tamil songs quiz 2006-2007

Here is the background music from some hit songs from 2006 and 2007. Can you guess which movie they are from?

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green. (A couple of spellings are tricky. Try J instead of S and V instead of G.)

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

Score: 0 / 10
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9
Song 10
  1. Anonymous says:

    Error in plugin!

  2. natarajan says:

    Ur quizzes are great.great idea. but in this quiz, when we download we get all the details about the clip including movie name which is the album title. Thrill of finding the name is lost.

  3. Sanketh says:

    Awesome quiz … couldn”t figure out the answers to 3,5,6,10 … could you please post them some time. Or maybe I can just see the file names in the HTML 🙂 Btw, glad someone else likes Atrai Thingal

  4. S Anand says:

    Natarajan, you”re right. I”ve removed the clip details now. Thanks!

  5. ravishankar says:

    all are easy clues..but where to fill in the answers???

  6. Prin says:

    Got 9! Couldn”t figure out number 8 – haunting me tho”. Awesome quiz and idea btw…

  7. Kumbakonam says:

    I am the winner! I got 10!

  8. sirpi says:

    can u plz give clues for 2 and 9

  9. ragav says:

    good quiz …cant find number 6 🙁 shud be yuvan song 😀

  10. anees khanem says:


  11. Niranjan says:

    cannot find no 6……
    9 out of 10 correct

  12. Senthilkumar.S says:

    Nice one… got 10 out of 10…

  13. vidhya says:

    I got only five.It’s very interesting.It’s nice to work.

  14. supraja and ranjith says:

    very intresting.i got only 7 out of 10.could not find 1,6,9………………………….

  15. Priya says:

    Can someone please tell me no 1? im really going crazy…..

  16. Ranjani says:


  17. ramya says:

    ans: 6 pattiyal,8 kalvanin kadhali, 1 pachaikili muthucharam and 9 sivapathikaram

  18. fowziya says:

    what a great quiz man!!!!!! awesome!
    next time add songs of latest 2011!!!!!!!
    its a great time pass…………:-)xxxxxlove it

  19. Swathi says:

    what is the answer for number 10?