My weight line

In 2009, I dropped from 74 kgs down to 66, and back again to 72.

  1. Saiprasad K S says:

    Hi Anand,

    Not sure you will recall. This is Saiprasad ( Sai) was your neighbour at ” The Presidency”, TISL way back in 1996-97. I always knew you were a genius and a man of many talents. I had chanced upon your site sometime ago but while I was trying to get some facts on Ilaiyaraja chanced upon the section of Ilaiyaraja. I didnt pay attention to the name of the author as I approached midway realised this must be the handiwork of Anand and as I cast my eyes upwards found my guess was on the dot. Good work Buddy. May you continue to shine like you always do. I am still with IBM. My contact no is 9886678319. Realise you are in London. I was there too for a couple of years on a sales assignment. Now back to Blore. Shall write again. do write when you can. Take care…. Sai

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