IE6 in Corporates

PPK’s State of the Browser – IE Edition mentions one reason why IE6 will probably stay on for a while.

Now why do I expect IE6 to stick around while IE7 goes down? The answer is simple: Intranets… many office workers will continue to be condemned to IE6.

At work, that is. It’s quite likely that on their private computer at home they run another browser — IE7 or 8, Firefox, or maybe one of the smaller ones.

Basically, most of the IE6 market share comes from office-hour surfing, while it drops significantly in the after-hours period.

I checked the numbers on my site. It’s bang on. Last month, the percentage of IE6 users around noon was a little over 40%. At midnight, the percentage was 20%.

Percentage of IE6 users over a 24-hour windowGraph: Twice as many IE6 users at noon compared to midnight

Given that the bulk of my audience is from India, I would assume that these statistics are probably representative of Indian corporates. But I guess it means that there’s a fair bit of music listening happening at work. Probably a good thing.

  1. Karthik A says:

    Yes, even our corporate IT deploys IE6. In fact , many of our enterprise apps support only IE6. Personally, I have upgraded and find that Javascripts that are unresponsive in IE8 and Chrome dont actually throw up that error in IE6.

  2. ppk says:

    Thanks for these figures! It’s good to have some actual data to point at, even though it’s anecdotal. Added link to main article.

  3. Thejesh GN says:

    Interesting stats. I need to check my stats.

  4. Naveen Arur says:

    Bang on target. Fortunately, my organization, which can be counted as large one, has woken up and we are moving forward(if there is such a thing with Microsoft) to IE 7 by end of the year….which also means more work for me to check if my applications work on IE7.

  5. Khair says:

    The reason why corporates don’t adapt to the changes is because of money invovled in upgrading. They have an awful time and money in making legacy applications compatible with new version of IE!!