How to access Gmail even if it is blocked

If you just want to check if you have new mail on Gmail, use Google’s personalised home page and add Gmail to the homepage. This shows new mail and a few words as a snippet.

If you want to read your mail, and don’t want to forward it to another account, use Google Groups as a backup to Gmail. Create a private Google Group and forward mails from Gmail to it. Google Groups often is not blocked, even if Gmail is.

  1. Danny says:

    unblock anything with this.

  2. DufusMaximus says:

    Or you can use an web-based IMAP client … looks like one.

  3. Sundar R says:

    Or you can use and add the email module using email widget.

  4. ma says:

    Anand, what happened to ur songs search page?

  5. anand says:


    I am not still access gmail,blocked websense message comes on to screen.
    give any other tips from where i can show mail from another way.

    Pls help as early as possible.