How I use Google Spreadsheets

I work across multiple computers (my office laptop, home laptop, client desktop) on a daily basis.

I used to transfer data across these by e-mailing them before I travelled. (I often forgot to do so.) Mostly, these are notes — like telephone numbers, things to buy, places to visit, etc.

Google Notebook solves the problem. But not entirely. I store a lot of my notes on spreadsheets, as lists. For example:

  • Gadgets to buy (and accompanying research)
  • Movies I’ve seen
  • Books to read (and which library they’re available from)
  • To do lists

That’s what I use Google Spreadsheets for — to share lists with myself, across computers.

  1. Nozikins says:

    I use gmail as my notes, reminders. google spreadseets for work, and data tracking and gathering among peers.

  2. Anand Srinivasan says:

    I love google docs as the service is now called. I hope that Google will steadily add features to make this service comparable to Excel and Word. Being able to collaborate with others without having to mail these documents is the best feature in my opinion. Do you use Google Calendar ? I love it though i want google to introduce the feature of tasks and to-do lists which may not fit into a daily schedule.

  3. S Anand says:

    Yeah, collaboration is clearly a big help. In fact, I used it on a project in Nov 2006. I do use GCal as well, mostly for public calendars and reminders (on my mobile).