Guy Kawasaki on The Art of the Start

Video of Guy Kawasaki’s talk on The Art of the Start at TiECon 2006.

It’s informative, even if you don’t want to start a venture, but I didn’t know Guy was such a funny speaker! He begins with:

Early in my career, I sat through many keynote speeches — at Comdex, at Mac Road Expo. I saw many many hi-tech CEOs speak, and I have to tell you, one thing I noticed is they pretty much sucked as speakers. And the second thing that I figured out sitting in these audiences of sucky keynotes is that if there’s anything that’s worse than a CEO who sucks as a speaker, it’s a CEO who sucks as a speaker and you have no idea how much longer he or she will suck! And so, I have adopted the top 10 format for all of my speeches. This way, if you think I suck, at least you can track progress through my speech.

Towards then end, when he’s run well over time…

What are you going to do? Not invite me again?

He gets dragged off the stage.