Funny ads in London

Funny ads in London.

To My Mugger:

Last night you stole my phone on Holloway Road, you also stole my heart.

I was the tall brunette in dungarees and psychedelic t-shirt, you were the hooded man on the bike. I was captivated by your white teeth and hypnotic eyes.

My home number is stored on my contacts under “me”. (Please don’t call me at “me work”, or my boyfriend, “Josh”.)

I await your call or reply x

Teri Hatcher anyone?

Hi thought I’d give this a shot. You never know! I’m desperately seeking the most gorgeous of all Desperate Housewives (sorry Eva, Marcia and Felicity) – Teri Hatcher. I don’t know Teri Hatcher nor am I a Norman Bates psycho (maybe on Sundays…is today Sunday?) but hey come on, Teri’s great. Or Ms Hatcher as I should call her right?

So if anyone out there knows her or has a connection with her (a REAL connection not those psychic ones. I have one with Tom Jones – doesn’t work that way) by all means – help me out! I’ll be a good date! I’m cute, funny, and intelligent (I’m actually hideous, blonde brained (sorry all blondes – no offense) and ….yeah intelligent. I’m a nerd!). But not ego centric, Hey wait – if I talk about myself – is that ego centric? Hmm…

So remember ladies and gents – think me, think Teri Hatcher….great now THAT sounds Norman Bates stalker like…. Yikes!

Did I sleep on your sofa?

After a very big night out on Saturday, i found myself waking up on someone’s sofa on Sunday morning. I didn’t hang around to find out who was so kind to take me in.

If it was you, please let me know.

Would like to know how I got there?