Film songs by Bombay Jayshree

Film songs by Bombay Jayshree. Vaseegara, Narumugaye and Ondra Renda being my favourites.

Try this: search for any song and listen online.

  1. Arun says:

    Vaseegara is heaven. 🙂

  2. Graffiti says:

    I plan to sing that for a competition here…:)

  3. Krishna says:

    Vaseegara….truely amazing.

  4. anu says:

    vaseegara,narumagaye,ondra renda(kakaka) wer awesome 😉 i love those songs sung by Jayasree 😉

  5. Kannan says:

    Wow! What a voice… Really I admire her voice a lot and lot.. Very nice.. Beautiful voice is given to her by God… She has sung vaseegara song… But really avanga voice vaseegaramathan iruku (tamil)

  6. kumaran says:

    realy superb voice of bombay jayshree mam..i rely impress wit her voice. manam manam engilum etho ganam ganam,,thinam thinam unpaadalthaan vanthu sugam sugam thanthathe………………..

  7. madhan says:

    excellent voice mam. i like your voice. my work , family all of tention relaxe only your voice mam. bombay jayasree = singing god. daily your sing the song.

  8. madhan erode says:

    mam.i am waiting for your voice singing illyaraja music album (sai baba).your lot of singing song of the 2010. why 2010 super female play back singer you winner.i will drems god of the gift of the your voice.

  9. madhan erode says:

    mam partha muthal nalay song very excellent. really the first word of you sing (partha )
    excellent. voice excellent sound very nice.

  10. madhan erode says:

    mam your voice amzzing. your voice places of the heaven to god. narumugaya excellent voice. The word singing ” Thiru magana” wov,. your all information i get my friend geetha mam. specially Thanks geetha., my Train friends thanks your profile detail collect.

  11. madhan erode says:

    mam, lot of sing songs to the year 2011. you most of the song singing to the year my wishes not lot of audiences wishes include me.

  12. madhan erode says:

    mam, you fist singing song illayaraja film viyatnam colany ” kailyil veenai yandhum “very nice. include m s v sir film singing. A R razhuman film 1000 gingals ( back round voice )you singing songs very nice

  13. madhan erode says:

    sorry mam, you fist singing song thampathikal film M S V MUSIC you singing songs . next you singing film viyatnam colony illayaraja film. next A R RAHUMAN film irruvar next harris jayaraj film minnala lot of singing harris sir music
    thanks harris sir…..

  14. raman says:

    madam i love ur voice its very beautiful, i love ur all songs especially cheli manohar song madam

  15. nisha says:

    i really impressed… i love u jayashree… my ever green favt song vaseegara…