Explosions in London

There are explosions all over London. We are fine.

  1. Sri says:

    Nice way to let your family

  2. Krishnan says:

    Hi Anand…The six ways of reading a book for free link is not working. Can u pls reload the link

  3. S Anand says:

    Did I have a link like that? Where?

  4. Ram says:

    Those who are using IE may get a false icon saying it as a broken link,but with Firefox it works fine

  5. S Anand says:

    Guys, what link are you talking about!?

  6. Anonymous Hero says:

    I am using Firefox but the link is not working Ram. Can you tell me how it worked for you?

  7. S Anand says:

    If this is a hoax on me, it is the best I have seen so far!

  8. Anonymous Hero says:

    From my side, yes… I saw the other two comments and thought to myself, “Mate, that looks like a nice way to pull a fast one on Anand’ 🙂

  9. S Anand says:

    Well, seems like a day of hoaxes. I got a mail from a colleague in Finance asking me not to reclaim VAT. I never even tried!

  10. Ram says:

    From where can we get Free e-books ? If anyone knows please post it here or mail me

  11. Dhar says:

    Depends on what kind of e-books you are looking for. If you want novels, you could check out http://www.greylib.align.ru/

  12. S Anand says:

    The torrent network has plenty. Try the BitLord client.

  13. Dhar says:

    And the sites: torrentspy.com and thepiratebay.org/. What I like the most about thepiratebay is their response to legal threats (http://thepiratebay.org/legal.php)

  14. Anonymous says:

    guess the link that was mentioned corresponds to the june 17th entry at http://www.geocities.com/root_node/articles/London_2005.html and mirc is a good place for ebooks.

  15. S Anand says:

    Oh, OK.