Error logging with Google Analytics

A quick note: I blogged earlier about Javascript error logging, saying that you can wrap every function in your code (automatically) in a try{} catch{} block, and log the error message in the catch{} block.

I used to write the error message to a Perl script. But now I use Google’s event tracking.

var s = [];
for (var i in err) { s.push(i + '=' + err[i]); }
s = s.join(' ').substr(0,500)
pageTracker._trackEvent("Error", function_name, s);

The good part is that it makes error monitoring a whole lot easier. Within a day of implementing this, I managed to get a couple of errors fixed that had been pending for months.

  1. Thejesh GN says:

    That is a good tip. I can use the present infrastructure for error logging..