Demographics prediction from online behaviour

Microsoft adCenter Labs has a demographics prediction engine. Based on a person’s search queries and web sites visited, it can predict their gender and age.

So I tried that on parts of the body, to see what men were interested in vs women.

topic male female
hair 25% 75%
eyes 33% 67%
cheek 33% 67%
hands 33% 67%
lips 36% 64%
ears 39% 61%
fingers 40% 60%
forehead 42% 58%
nose 43% 57%
neck 46% 54%
beard 55% 45%
moustache 58% 42%
leg 60% 40%
palm 61% 39%
toe 64% 36%

While I can understand men being more interested in beards and moustaches (perhaps even legs), why are they far more interested in toes than women?

  1. Dhar says:

    Hey Anand, a quick question.
    Are you using Google Spreadsheets? Yesterday, I realized that after the initial enthu, I have not visited the site. This makes me wonder if Google Spreadsheets in itself is a powerful enough solution to attract the masses.

  2. Dhar says:

    As pointed out by someone on Slashdot, try using the URL as the input and you will get “Female Oriented with following Confidence: Female 1.00, Male 0.00”

  3. S Anand says:

    I do use Google spreadsheets. Just see my next post.