Tamil Songs by P B Srinivas

Playback singers ruled the day in the 60s and 70s. At least, I remember songs more by the singers than the music directors.

Here is the background music from some songs from the 1960s and 1970s, sung by P B Srinivas. Can you guess which movie they are from?

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

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Song 2
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Song 4
Song 5
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Song 10
  1. paadagark says:

    hai hai i hope i found those 10 songs.if its ok??thanks u

  2. Jayashree says:

    I am in search of this song”Illammai Kolluvirrukkum..Iyyarkkai Mannam irrukkum”…i dont know the name of the movie. Can somebody help??

  3. Seelan says:

    The song that you are looking for is from the film “Hello Mr Jamintar”.

  4. Kaps says:

    Any clues for the 10th song?

  5. S Anand says:

    10: Gemini, Savithri (movie also has Sivaji)

  6. anbazhagandv@yahoo.com says:

    I love PBS voice. It is enchanting one. I could guess all the songs correctly inthe first instance itself. Thank u for the efforts taken. Good work.

  7. preethi says:

    got 10/10 but 5 was tough

  8. subadra says:

    10/10 again

  9. subadra says:

    vijaya too got 10

  10. K.R.RAVI says:

    I am in search of a song which i think was sung by PBS and someone else which i heard as a child The lyrics run something like CHITTU KURUVI PAADATHU.. can someone gve me the name of the film/It will be a dream come true. K.R.RAVI

  11. Hema says:

    This is for K R Ravi. The song is ‘THENNANGKEETUR OONJALILE’ in the movie Paadhai Theiryudhu Paar. It is there is Anand’s song collection. Type the song and the movie and there you get to enjoy the song. This was the song I too was yearning to listen

  12. balasurendran says:

    Nice songs and very easy to predict.I would like to download songs of that type.

  13. jayaar says:

    Fantastic. P.b. srinivas is for melody. nice collection. great work. hats off to mr. anand. have you got it done for more of his songs. how nice it would be if we could download the songs at once from here!
    thank you!

  14. vijayakumar says:

    I am a fan of PBSreenivos.When he visited Singapore in 1984 i visited his his show.It was marvellous to hear live from a great and a legeng in meledious music.

  15. Thomas Prins says:

    10th song was sung by AL Ragavan with P Suseela. Not by PBS.

  16. Gemini Sridhar says:

    PBS all time great, md.rafi of south, a song in Prema Paasam, avan allal puvi mele and nenjam alai modave kangal kulamagave a song from mana maalai are two great songs he only can sing. yes my Master, i pray Almighty for his long live with good health. Devi sri devei thedi alagindren-puriyadu vazkaiyin ragasiyam puriyadu- oh what a lovely songs, Friends you might be knowing- all the stage singers and leading singers by singing Nilave ennidam nerungade song they shown their talent. yes it is true.

  17. M.KUMARI says:

    I am not able to answer those. Hoping I would success in the next chance.

  18. eswar says:

    got 10/10 really very interesting what melody

  19. J.Venkatesan says:

    kanavo kalyana oorvalam

  20. Venkat says:

    Team, do any one of you know this old song from PBS ? Kodhai un meni oliyaam kulir neeril neendhum vizhiyaam; poovil amarndha vaani; aadal therindha raani; nee kalamangaiyo……. full hindhusthani music background ? Can anyone tell me, the lyrics, the music director, movie and the lyricist ?

  21. Sureshwar says:

    Great PBS…

  22. B .VEERABADRAN says:

    very very nice songs p b s I LIKE EVERY TIME thanking you

  23. N C Phani sayee says:

    As a Telugu, Iam proud of PBS ,being a Telugu but Mastered Tamil and Kannada film songs.We can find fault SPB’s improper Singing in Tamil/Kannada,KJJ faulting the Tamil songs, but PBS can’t be faulted for faulty spelling in singing in these languages.

  24. dr.ninan koothoor says:

    Ilamae koluvirukkum song is in the film hello mr zeminthaar ( gemini genesan movie)

  25. v.s. prakasa rao says:

    It’s a great, pleasant feeling listening to PBS. Kalangalil aval vasantham, Ilamai koluvirukum, Manidan enbavan, Paadatha paattellaam padavandaal, Chinna Chinna roja, netruvarai nee yaro naan yaro, yaar yaar yaar aval yaaro, Nilave ennidam nerungade, Mayakkama(Tamil), Apara keerthi galisi etc(Kannada) and Andalu chindu mana prema, manasuloni korika, Andaalaseema manameludaama etc.(Telugu) are only some of my favourites. Thanks for this quiz which I tried only once. VSP Rao