Tamil songs by AM Raja

More songs from the 60s and 70s. These are by A M Raja. Can you guess which movie they are from? (Some films appear twice)

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

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  1. MANY says:


  2. Kaps says:

    9/10 for this one and the next. Couldn’t crack the 4th one.

  3. S Anand says:

    4: Sivaji, Chandrababu

  4. Dhar says:

    Errr, dont you think too much of Tamil Songs been featuring on your site? How about a nice juicy quiz on books, movies or something that non-Tamilians can take part in? Cheers, D.

  5. S Anand says:

    OK, will have something for you this weekend! 😉

  6. Dhar says:

    Wonderful! Will try to send you a quiz on Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels that you can package in this neato approach. Cheers, D.

  7. preethi says:

    got 10/10,4th one – sabash meena

  8. subadra says:

    we too got 10/10

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was hunting the inet for Am raja’s photo, i couldnt find one , i want to relate his songs to his picure, do u have one ?can u post them ?-Thnx -Savithri

  10. RAJA MOHAMED says:

    i am a a.m.raja fan.but i am young generation

  11. Hilmy - Sri Lanka says:

    I/we(entire tamil am raja lovers) are very unlucky,thats why pepople like am raja didnt stay with us for another onE or two decades.

  12. pem says:

    good songs

  13. Thomas Prins says:

    4th one from Sabash Meena – was sung by TA Mothy, not AMR.


    Songs like ulavum thenral,yaum kuzhalum un mozhi (kodiswaran) theladum neerodae meethae (alavudeenum albutha vilakkum) are wanted by me. If any of A.M.Rajah fan can help me to have them Iwill be greatful to him