Tamil Songs – 1975s

Ilayaraja scored Annakkili in 1975, and ruled Tamil film music for 15 years as isai gnaani. He took the mantle from MSV, who continued to score great melodies until 1980.

Here is the background music from some hit songs between 1975 – 1980. Can you guess which movie they are from? (Some films appear twice)

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

Score: 0 / 25
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9
Song 10
Song 11
Song 12
Song 13
Song 14
Song 15
Song 16
Song 17
Song 18
Song 19
Song 20
Song 21
Song 22
Song 23
Song 24
Song 25
  1. Anonymous says:

    17/20 5 songs not playing are 1,4,7,19&23 9,12,22- not got but i think will get if i come back later and try i struggled a lot for 5 spelliing got the song before the first second got over same for 18 but its not accepting my spelling maybe u can hv a few more options isai inban oh btw the quiz is good fun thanks

  2. S Anand says:

    Oops, looks like I forgot to upload those 5. I’ll get that done by 6pm GMT.

  3. Kaps says:

    Anand, The boxes are not turning green for 18. I think you need to provide more spelling options. I managed to find out that you have given a space between the two words for #6. even in #17 there is a space between the first two words. I also struggled a lot for 5. you should introduced an option with the letter t instead of k. any clues for songs 12, 21 & 22? I have also managed to find 17 / 20.

  4. S Anand says:

    Funny, I thought I was ignoring spaces. I did think of the ‘t’ option vs ‘k’ option for #5… will implement that. As for clues, I’m afraid I’m at office now — can’t hear the songs, and don’t remember the order. Will post clues by end of day.

  5. zero says:

    At least a couple of songs are not playing right now. will come back later. Terrific stuff! Thanks.

  6. S Anand says:

    Hopefully, it’s all fixed now.

  7. zero says:

    15/25. Failed – 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. Got 21 and 22 coz you said some movies appear twice ;). So, am not counting that. 18, 24 – the songs are way too obv, but i am struggling to recollect the films 🙁

  8. Kaps says:

    Anand, 24/25 this time. I’m having problems cracking the spelling for #18. I’m quite confident of the movie. Once this is set right, my score would be a perfect 25. You might consider giving an option for the letter v instead of g in #23.

  9. zero says:

    Death to me for not finding out 18.
    Kaps, I guess Anand will not be considering that 😉
    Googled for 24, the other got-the-song-not-the-movie one.

  10. sudheer says:

    I got only 7 movies right.. got a few more songs – without the movies.. but awesome quiz tho.. had good fun. thanks anand

  11. Asa says:

    I face problem in playing the song bits. I don hear any thing when I click the play button. Any pointers/help?

  12. SLN says:

    I got 23/25 on my own couldnt place 21 and 22. Still thinking, will try again later.

  13. prakash says:


  14. srivatsan says:

    song no. 18 is kanmaniye kadhal enbadhu from aarilirundhu arupadhu varai (that’s what i guess) but the answer doesn’t turn green?

  15. zero says:

    prakash, you are right. It turns on for ‘aruvathu’

  16. Vijay says:

    Try “aarilirundhu aruVadhu varai”.

  17. sivaramakrishnan says:

    i got the spelling for 18.just spell it the way u wud speak out the name of the film.got 18/25

  18. thennavan says:

    25/25 once again confirming which era I belong to :-). Good selection of songs for all the periods.

  19. Anonymous says:

    clue for #12 pls got the rest. isai inban

  20. S Anand says:

    12: Kamal, K Balachander

  21. hari says:

    15 points 3 with spellings mistakes

  22. sambasivam says:

    first quiz in which i got full marks. dear anand, keep going

  23. kamesh says:

    song no.7 not playing, and i could able to find out no.21, i think the song is cholam vidaikayile from 16 vayathinile it seems. any one let me know.i got 23/25. anand superb quiz. keep going

  24. Sujatha says:

    Got 25/25.Make it harder.

  25. Mina says:

    Good one Anand. I too struggled with #5, but the “t” vs “k” option was a giveaway. TQ

  26. Saku says:

    good one.. except for the slight juggling for spelling for 21.. Isn’t it ‘t’ instead of ‘v’?

  27. paramesh says:

    i got 25 correct . very nice

  28. Kannan says:

    Two scores from the same song (12 and 14). I could not identify 21….feel bad

  29. Panimalar says:

    Got 24/25. Can anyone tell me the answer to song #9..sounds familiar but unable to find it.