Tamil lyrics quiz – TMS MGR

Here are words from the middle of 8 songs TMS has sung for MGR. Can you guess which movie they are from?

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

If the Tamil lyrics are not OK, turn on tamil scripts.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

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iruvar onRaanaal oruvar enRaanaal

iLamai mudivadhillai iLamai mudivadhillai

oru thavaRu seydhaal adhaith therindhu seydhaal

avan dhEvan enRaalum vidamaattEn

avaL illaamal naan illai

naan illaamal avaL illai

kaatru nammai adimai enRu vilagavillaiyE

kadalum neerum adimai enRu suduvadhillayE

mullai poovil aadum karu vaNdaagavE, mugil munnE aadum vaNNa mayil pOlavE

anbai naadi naadi undhan arugil vandhu ninREn, inbam ennum poruLai ingu kaNdEn

neela vaanam illaadha oorE illai, ulaginil mazhai inRi yEdhum illai

amudhE unai anRi vaazhvE illai, anbE idhu unmaiyE

andha oru naaL aanandha thirunaaL inRu ninaiththaal ennenna sugamO

paadhi vizhigaL moodik kidandhEn paavai mEniyilE

pudhiya sooriyanin paarvaiyilE

ulagam vizhiththukkoLLum vELaiyilE

  1. Mohan.C says:

    I really enjoyed this quiz I remember old songs of mgr thru this quiz GOOD JOB

  2. lakshmi says:

    fantastic job Anand I really enjoyed it.

  3. geetha says:

    i have answered some

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am RamaKrishnan. I am also from TamilNadu I am not understand the lines above… Its a songs or anyother thing?

  5. S Anand says:

    Ramakrishnan, these are 2 lines from the middle of 8 different MGR film songs. You need to guess the film they appeared in.

  6. ashwini says:

    Good selection.

  7. ashwini says:

    which song is the 6th one pls.

  8. Prasanna says:

    Great site & great effort,Anand!Hats Off!Couldn’t crack no.6.Will you post the answers or can email me?Thanks.

  9. Murali Kannan. T says:

    Very nice work! I’m a great fan of MGR. Keep it up.

  10. subadra says:

    but fr the nadodimannan song we found everything.appa went to sleep.the first thing he said in the morning is nadodimannan

  11. Meena says:

    Excellent lyrics. Vivacious. I’m flabbergasted. I am from Trichy. I just loved all these lines. Thanks for recalling such a treasure in our life. You have done a great job.

  12. Rajagopalan says:

    Good song selection. Did not get two songs correct.

  13. K.Swaminathan says:

    Where I can get the lyrics of our Great MGR Songs.

    Please advise me. I want free download of lyrics of Mr.MGR songs.


  14. Rameshkarthikeyan says:

    I need a song but i forget the starting of the song.
    “Ellam enakul erunthalum ennai thannakkul vaithirukkum “

  15. sailesh kumar basu says:

    V.V.Good, who can forget Thalaivars Songs Lyrics and Films. Continue the good work.

  16. Rangan says:

    I really enjoyed this and i love to do for MGR related quizzes. But sad thing is that i am not able to find answer for one question:-(. My evergreen hero is MGR and i love to watch all MGR movies. What a charismatic person he is!

  17. Rangan says:

    Particularly i love to watch movies like Nadodi Mannan, Thirudathe, Enga Veetu Pillai, Adimai Pen, Aayirathil Oruvan, Ninaithadai Mudippavan, Anbe Vaa, Ullagam Suttrum Valiban, Rikshawkkaran, Rajakumari, Arasakattalai, Madhuraiveeran, Mannadhi Mannan, Kalangarai Vilakkam, Nadodi, Kudiyirindha Kovil, Padagotti etc etc. Some movies may be missed out from this list. I have watched all the above movies more than 20 times. I like his bunny cheeks when he laughs. This kind of cheeks only madhavan (maddy) is having after MGR and this is told by famous director Manirathnam.

  18. venkatp says: