Pirates still exist

Pirates still exist.

According to the International Maritime Organisation, 266 committed or attempted acts of piracy were reported last year. Although this was a lower figure than in 2004, in part because many small-time pirates died in that December’s tsunami, risk experts say that a more brazen, violent and organised strain has emerged. Pirates are said to have injured or assaulted 152 crew in 2005; they abducted 652, of whom 11 are still missing. They hijacked 16 ships; a tug and a barge are unaccounted for.

  1. I-want-answers says:

    I want to know the truth, are there pirates or not…

  2. blair says:

    i want to know where pirates exist and fight not when they attacked the ships and stuff.

  3. Karissa says:

    Well i was watching pirates of the carribeean and my cousin ashton asked me if i think that pirates still exist so i found this website and i’m just woundering if i were to give you my e-mail address ir you could send me REAL PROOF THAT PIRATES STILL EXIST, PLEASE????

  4. Laura says:

    like god, there are somethings you just have to have faith in. there are some things you really can’t prove, you just have to make up your own mind whether you believe or not. if you want to know if they exist because you’d like to be one, honestly you need to not be scared of anything to be a pirate and going against the grain is who you are as a pirate. so if you want to be a pirate, learn everything there is to know about ships and you’ll need at least 6 or so people to run the ship and then you have to actually acquire a ship then you get supplies for that ship and then you and your crew can head out to sea and never look back.