New features in Picasa Beta

New in Picasa‘s beta:

  • geotagging (place photos on the map)
  • search by colour (find photos with red and yellow)
  • hide pictures: that’s useful, sometimes…
  • upload to Google video and to Picasa Web
  • FTP your photos
  1. Anand says:

    I got an invitation from Google to try Picasa Web Albums. How does one selectively share some photos and not all in an album ? I do not want to mail these photos instead would like to make only some public. Could you highlight the major differences between this service and that from Flickr ?

  2. S Anand says:

    You can select photos from your Picasa album to upload — you don’t need to upload all of them. When compared with Flickr, PWA is more for sharing with friends and family than for photo discovery. So no tagging, no groups, no top-10 photos now browsing for other users.

  3. Anand says:

    I know I can selectively upload photos from Picasa to web albums. I may want to recover space on my PC by uploading all the photos from my hard disk to web albums. from that collection of photos online i may want to share only some publicly. I suppose then I have to create a pair of albums online for every album in Picasa so that one album online can have the private pictures and the other can have the public pictures

  4. S Anand says:

    Yes – you can’t mark individual photos as private. Actually, PicasaWeb doesn’t have any such thing as private. Even if you mark an album as unlisted, if a person knows its URL, they can always access it.

  5. Anand Srini says:

    If a user has not chosent to make any album public then knowing the URL does not reveal those pictures. try it out. make all your albums unlisted and see for yourself what you can see using your URL.I have tested it. the only solution to my problem is to move private pictures from one album to another album and make it unlisted

  6. S Anand says:

    Oh, OK. But looks like privacy problems will continue to plague Picasa Web Albums for a while. Just do a google search for