Install Mediawiki

Once you’ve installed XAMPP, download MediaWiki and unzip it into your xampp/htdocs folder. You may need 7-Zip to extract tar.gz files. Rename the mediawiki folder to wiki.

You’ll first need to create a database, which you can do by visiting /phpmyadmin/ on your localhost, typing in the database name and pressing ‘Create’.

Now go to /wiki/ and fill out the form. Make sure you select “Use superuser account” since you haven’t really created a user for your database.

Click on the “Install Mediawiki” button, and you should have a wiki.

  1. ankur says:

    how did you change the version of PHP, i get :
    PHP 5.3.1 is not compatible with MediaWiki due to a bug involving reference parameters to __call. Upgrade to PHP 5.3.2 or higher, or downgrade to PHP 5.3.0 to fix this. ABORTING (see for details)