I learn that girls can be very confusing

anand_m26blr: Hi Sonisha! How’re you?
sonisha_jd: hi
anand_m26blr: Where are you from?
sonisha_jd: adb
anand_m26blr: Sorry? ADB?
sonisha_jd: adilabad
sonisha_jd: a.p
anand_m26blr: Oh, I see. I’m right now in Mumbai.
anand_m26blr: Which chat room are you in?

The reason I asked this was because sonisha_jd wasn’t in the chat room I was in, and I was logged in invisibly. I have a theory on who sonisha_jd is, but that’s a different story.

sonisha_jd: will u mail me?
sonisha_jd: yahoo
anand_m26blr: Sure… but mail you what? I didn’t understand…
sonisha_jd: what?
anand_m26blr: You said “will you mail me?” — I didn’t get that part. You mean, keep in touch on e-mail? Or you want me to mail you right away?
sonisha_jd: u mail me
sonisha_jd: ok
anand_m26blr: OK, I’ll mail you. sonisha_jd@yahoo.com — right?

By this time, I’m confused enough to agree to anything.

sonisha_jd: ya
sonisha_jd: how u got it

That sounded like a condescending “How clever?” that I’ve heard before. Fuelled my suspicions on the identify of sonisha_jd.

anand_m26blr: How did I get what? Your e-mail ID? From your login…
anand_m26blr: Are you a student?
sonisha_jd: ya
sonisha_jd: u?
sonisha_jd: lazy bone!

Unprovoked and meaningless outburst. Again something I’m used to and have a theory about.

anand_m26blr: What? Who’s a lazy bone!?
sonisha_jd: ok bye mail me!
sonisha_jd: u
anand_m26blr: Hello?

Abrupt termination of conversation. Intruiging.