I help a guy pick a college in Mumbai

I was pretty surprised that this guy wanted to go to the “richest” college in Mumbai. But by the time he asked if they were co-ed, I figured I had to get off quickly…

root_node: M 26 BLR.
root_node: Well, M 26 Mumbai, actually.
kushnoodh: ok wanna chat with male
root_node: Hi!
kushnoodh: tell me wann chat or ?
root_node: Sure, why not? Where are you from?
root_node: Of course. I mean, where in PK?
kushnoodh: fsd
kushnoodh: u knoqw this place
root_node: Heard of it, of course. But don’t know much.
root_node: You a student?
kushnoodh: yes i m coming to india for study
kushnoodh: bombay
root_node: Oh, that’s good! Where to?
kushnoodh: i m coming to bombay but now i need some information about college
kushnoodh: can u help me
root_node: Which college are you coming to?
kushnoodh: plzz tell me the best college name of bombay
root_node: Boy, that’s a tough one…. what do you want to study?
kushnoodh: i passed my matric in 1996 and now i want to continue my study 11th
root_node: Oh… VJTI is a pretty good college.
root_node: So is Wilson college.
root_node: Ruparel college is probably the most famous, though.
kushnoodh: can u tellme the richest college name
root_node: Uh… no clue actually!
kushnoodh: ok
root_node: In terms of reputation, these three colleges are pretty good.
kushnoodh: im these colleges hostel facility
root_node: I’m not sure… but getting accomodation in Mumbai is not a problem at all.
kushnoodh: and tellme the fee and hostel charges
kushnoodh: guess
root_node: Frankly, I’m new to Bombay, and have never studied here, so I haven’t a clue.
root_node: But if you’re looking for an estimate.
root_node: My guess would be it’s in the order of
root_node: a lakh a year, excluding accomodation.
kushnoodh: ok thanks and no admission problem for muslims
root_node: None that I know if.
kushnoodh: i mean is any admission problem for mmuslims
root_node: Usually, no.
root_node: There’s no quota or anything.
kushnoodh: ok
kushnoodh: nice
root_node: Best of luck with your application, Habib!
kushnoodh: tell me if i come to bombay and wanna stay there then can i get room on rent
root_node: Oh yeah, sure. They’re easily available. Rents vary from 2,000 to 10,000 per month.
kushnoodh: its is so castly
kushnoodh: any low one
root_node: It would be pretty far away, then.
kushnoodh: ok
root_node: I’ve got to chat with another friend, Habib. See you around, then. Bye!
kushnoodh: tell me in these colleges total co education plz tell me and ui will not disturb u plz
root_node: Sure. They’re all co-ed!
kushnoodh: have a nice chat ok see u bybeybeyeyeb sweet friend
root_node: Bye! Best of luck!
kushnoodh: ok so nice of u man i like u very much because ur very good man
kushnoodh: have a good day nice meeting and chatting with u ok ybeybebeyb