I have a virtual date in London

Yet another one of those late night chats in which I set up a virtual date for apple pie and ice cream with a Canadian grad.
yours_truly00_2000: Hi
root_node: Hi yours
yours_truly00_2000: 🙂
root_node: What’re you doing, up so early?
yours_truly00_2000: early??
root_node: 9:30
yours_truly00_2000: it’s like 9:00 pm hea in Canada
root_node: Gosh, that’s late then. Get to bed!
yours_truly00_2000: lolz
root_node: You from Mumbai?
yours_truly00_2000: 9 o’clock ain’t that late ;P
yours_truly00_2000: nope
root_node: Indian?
yours_truly00_2000: btw…… whatcha doin’ up so early yo ‘self huh??
yours_truly00_2000: yes, an Indian
root_node: Me, I’m not awake. I’m sleep-chatting
yours_truly00_2000: 😀
yours_truly00_2000: yeah , that makes sense
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: Where in Canada are you?
yours_truly00_2000: B.C.
yours_truly00_2000: are u from Bombay?
root_node: In Bombay, not from.
yours_truly00_2000: 😛
root_node: Where are you from?
yours_truly00_2000: I thought I told ya
yours_truly00_2000: didn’t I ?
root_node: I mean where from India?
yours_truly00_2000: oh
yours_truly00_2000: I’m a Gujarati
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
root_node: Does the ID “tony_bam_bam” ring a bell?
yours_truly00_2000: ummmmm…..no.
yours_truly00_2000: I don’t think so
root_node: The reason I ask is, a couple of months ago…
root_node: this guy came over to this chat room, and asked
root_node: if there were “any Patels around”
yours_truly00_2000: lolz
root_node: He wanted to learn Gujrati, so he could impress his
root_node: GF, who was at college.
root_node: The best I could do was help him out with Hindi.
yours_truly00_2000: lolz
root_node: Hope the poor bloke never tried it out
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
yours_truly00_2000: he probably ended up gettin’ a slap on his face
root_node: That would’ve been the start.
root_node: You ever slapped anyone? (Or got slapped?)
yours_truly00_2000: The guy’s GF…” Tane Gujarati nati aavadtu!!! ” *SLAP*
yours_truly00_2000: ooooh , that’s neva been da case for me
root_node: What does that mean: “Tane…”
yours_truly00_2000: ” You can’t speak no Gujarati !!”
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: And why is that “neva been da case…”?
yours_truly00_2000: just cuz I’m a goodie goodie
root_node: Gosh, never thought I’d meet somebody goodie goodie on the Net!!
yours_truly00_2000: have u ever been slapped?
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: So, you’ve never sneaked a cookie out of its jar, have you?
yours_truly00_2000: maybe earlier when I was a kid
root_node: Yes, I’ve been slapped all right. 3 times, if I remember.
root_node: But that’s by my mom, and for not being goodie goodie!
yours_truly00_2000: but I wouldn’t get slapped for that!
yours_truly00_2000: lol@ 3 times
root_node: No, actually, I’ve been slapped once after that.
yours_truly00_2000: really?
root_node: I was driving my scooter to college, and
yours_truly00_2000: who slapped ya?
root_node: I banged into this aayah who was crossing the road.
root_node: Not that I meant to, but…
root_node: And she slapped me so hard, that my glasses fell off!
yours_truly00_2000: awwww, u poor thing
root_node: I ran away, of course. (Left the scooter behind)
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: She seemed a bit too formidable.
yours_truly00_2000: btw…. wot’s an aayah?
root_node: Um… sort of like a maid-servant?
yours_truly00_2000: a maid slapped ya??
root_node: Pretty hard
yours_truly00_2000: how could she!?!?!?
root_node: Can’t demonstrate, I’m afraid. You’ll have to use your imagination
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: Are you in school?
yours_truly00_2000: uni.
yours_truly00_2000: u ?
root_node: I just graduated. Working (and earning money! wow — feels so good)
yours_truly00_2000: 😛
yours_truly00_2000: what sorta work do ya do?
root_node: I’m a consultant. 🙁
yours_truly00_2000: why the 🙁 ?
root_node: Well, lots of people don’t like consultants.
root_node: You know the jokes, right?
root_node: A consultant takes your watch and tells you the time.
root_node: A consultant comes uninvited and tells you how many sheep you have,
root_node: and takes your dog, Etc. etc. etc.
root_node: BTW, which univ are you at?
root_node: A couple of my friends are at York and McGill
yours_truly00_2000: <------ likes consultants though
yours_truly00_2000: .. or maybe a consultant
yours_truly00_2000: I go to UBC
root_node: <---- likes yours_truly :-x
yours_truly00_2000: awwww, that’s sweet
yours_truly00_2000: 😀
yours_truly00_2000: :turns away from root_node and blushes.
root_node: <----- waits to get slapped...
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
root_node: What’s your major?
yours_truly00_2000: Business Admin.
root_node: Ouch!!
yours_truly00_2000: whaa?
root_node: I just did my MBA too. That ain’t good….
yours_truly00_2000: 😉

root_node: All the people I see around me
root_node: are BBA, MBA, etc.
yours_truly00_2000: lol
yours_truly00_2000: …and that’s not good… why?
root_node: Well… actually, it’s good. But then, I’d rather you said “Abstract poetry” or something.
root_node: Now, THAT’s an exotic major
yours_truly00_2000: 😀
root_node: Do you read poetry?
yours_truly00_2000: in school , yes
yours_truly00_2000: do u?
root_node: Nope. I’ve this disease. I’m allergic to poetry. In fact…
root_node: every time I read a book that has verse inbetween,
root_node: I just can’t read the verse! My eyes refuse to go to that part!!
yours_truly00_2000: oh dear
yours_truly00_2000: you’ve gotta like poetry!
root_node: The only exception till date has been “The Mouse’s Tail” in Alice in Wonderland.
root_node: You’ve read it?
yours_truly00_2000: nope
yours_truly00_2000: is it any good?
root_node: It’s cute. The poetry is written in the shape of a mouse’s tail
yours_truly00_2000: 😛
root_node: I like limericks too. But that’s about it.
yours_truly00_2000: i c
yours_truly00_2000: can I ask u a question?
root_node: Sure…
yours_truly00_2000: how *young* are you?
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
root_node: Not at all. Take a guess…
yours_truly00_2000: 20?
root_node: When I meant “not at all”, I meant *VERY* old.
yours_truly00_2000: around 60?
root_node: Not THAT old.
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
root_node: But it sure feels old. OK, lower…
yours_truly00_2000: jus messin’ wit ya
yours_truly00_2000: 50?
yours_truly00_2000: 45??
root_node: Lower!!
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
yours_truly00_2000: 30?
yours_truly00_2000: 25?
root_node: Lower.
root_node: Higher
yours_truly00_2000: huh?
root_node: 26, actually.
yours_truly00_2000: 26?
yours_truly00_2000: hmmmm
root_node: why?
yours_truly00_2000: that’s not too old
root_node: It sure feels really old…
yours_truly00_2000: r u married?
root_node: Compared to the days my dad could lift me, at least!
root_node: Nope, unmarried.
yours_truly00_2000: got a gf?
root_node: The pleasures of a bachelor’s life are still mine.
yours_truly00_2000: oh okay
root_node: What about you? Are you 20?
yours_truly00_2000: lower actually
root_node: 18?
yours_truly00_2000: yep
yours_truly00_2000: I’m 18.
root_node: Guess you’d be in your first year, then. BF?
yours_truly00_2000: naaw, no bf
root_node: Oh dear me, you poor thing… why not?
yours_truly00_2000: broke up wit mah ex last yr
root_node: Oh… too bad.
root_node: Was he fun?
yours_truly00_2000: ??
root_node: I mean, was he humorous?
yours_truly00_2000: sure he was
root_node: Yeah, that’s the kind of BF/GF I’d like. Someone who’s fun to be with.
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
root_node: I sure’d like to be with someone with a good sense of humour!
yours_truly00_2000: thas kewl
root_node: What do you do when free, apart from chatting up with strange old men from Mumbai?
yours_truly00_2000: lol@ strange old men
yours_truly00_2000: I like swimming, playin’ tennis wit dad on da weekends, skating,
yours_truly00_2000: sleeping (:-)), watchin’ movies..etc.
yours_truly00_2000: yourself?
root_node: Good lord, the outdoor types!!
root_node: I’m the “indoor types”
yours_truly00_2000: what sorta stuff?
root_node: Eating, sleeping (OK, we got that in common), reading, talking
root_node: ummm… anything else that’s useless.
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: Actually, I like doing nothing the best.
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
yours_truly00_2000: you crack me up
root_node: You know, sitting at home, not sleeping… not reading.. not eating…
root_node: that’s the best way to enjoy life.
yours_truly00_2000: 😛
root_node: Of course, even better would be to get paid for it
root_node: Hey, have you ever modelled for a painting?
yours_truly00_2000: moi??
yours_truly00_2000: haha
yours_truly00_2000: naah
root_node: That’s the perfect job!! You just sit there while the guy paints you,
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: and you’d get paid for it!! I’m going to
root_node: hunt around for some painters in the locality!!
yours_truly00_2000: 🙂
root_node: What movies do you watch?
yours_truly00_2000: English and Hindi movies
yours_truly00_2000: u?
root_node: Add Tamil to the list.
yours_truly00_2000: Vannakam
root_node: Gosh!! How’d you know that!?!?
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
yours_truly00_2000: I have mah sources
root_node: Not fair!! I don’t know a WORD of Gujrati.
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: Well,… except for “Tane…” oops.. I forgot that too!
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
root_node: Seen Dil Chahta Hein?
yours_truly00_2000: yeah , I saw it yesterday
root_node: Liked it?
yours_truly00_2000: ummm..errrrmm..uhh
yours_truly00_2000: I guess
root_node: OK, not quite I guess.
root_node: Why not

root_node: I mean, what didn’t you like
yours_truly00_2000: I didn’t quite get the story
root_node: Ah….
yours_truly00_2000: and my Hindu sucks
root_node: Oh… OK. Actually, I loved it!
root_node: Especially that part with Saif Ali Khan. I’m kind-of like that.
yours_truly00_2000: 🙂
yours_truly00_2000: he’s kinda cute
root_node: I think Aamir’s the cutest of the lot, though.
root_node: Except for Saif’s voice. That was so funny!
yours_truly00_2000: 😀
root_node: What’s your all-time favourite movie?
yours_truly00_2000: hmmmmm…. Mary Poppins
yours_truly00_2000: yours?
root_node: Oh, I haven’t seen Mary Poppins!
root_node: My favourite is Roman Holiday.
yours_truly00_2000: neva heard of that
root_node: !!!!! You can’t be serious!!
yours_truly00_2000: I haven’t
yours_truly00_2000: seriously
root_node: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn….
root_node: It’s her FIRST movie!!
yours_truly00_2000: me don’t know
root_node: Really, you ought to see it. It’s fabulous!!
yours_truly00_2000: 😛
root_node: It’s about a princess, who doesn’t like being a princess,
root_node: so she runs away, and a reporter finds her,
root_node: and he knows she’s the princess, but she doesn’t
root_node: know he knows, and they go around the city, while he secretly
root_node: takes snaps of her, and then they go to a dance, fall in love, but then the
root_node: princess has to go back, so he drops her at the palace,
root_node: and finally,…. no I won’t tell you the ending.
root_node: It’s just incredible!
yours_truly00_2000: :-O
root_node: And I’ve got to see Mary Poppins too. It’s been on my list for too long.
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
root_node: Who’s acted in it?
yours_truly00_2000: can u talk on da mic?
root_node: Nope. I’m at office, and the guy next to me is a bit paranoid about noises…
root_node: In fact, every time I’m on the phone, there’s this
root_node: perpetual “hush hush” sound that he keeps making behind me!
root_node: Hey, Mary Poppins has Julie Andrews!! I didn’t know that.
yours_truly00_2000: hey
yours_truly00_2000: u there??
root_node: Yup… you been getting my messages?
yours_truly00_2000: sorry , I got d/c
yours_truly00_2000: 🙁
root_node: Are you on a dial-up
yours_truly00_2000: yea
root_node: Well, it sure is much faster than the dial-ups around here!
root_node: Do you chat often?
yours_truly00_2000: yeah , on da weekends
yours_truly00_2000: u ?
root_node: I started chatting every weekend…
root_node: but a couple of months ago, I met this person, with whom
root_node: I went out for dinner. In which she revealed herself, (amidst tears)
root_node: to be a chain smoker, alcoholic, drug addict, and a lesbian, and introduced me
yours_truly00_2000: :-O
root_node: to the gay DJ she was currently living with.
root_node: And there’s court cases pending against her in 3 cities.
yours_truly00_2000: whoa
root_node: And I’d adopted her as my daughter on the Internet!!
root_node: So I’ve kind of taken to staying away from chat rooms, and trying to recover
root_node: (just kidding!)
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
yours_truly00_2000: that’s crazy
root_node: I came online today to chat with a friend at SF. She wasn’t around, though…
root_node: Yeah, it’s crazy. But though I said it
root_node: in a funny way, (and it’s true), poor thing was really confused.
root_node: Her father’s a big-shot at SAIL. IIT-IIM and all that.
root_node: And she’s got some problems at home, I think.
yours_truly00_2000: how old is she?
root_node: 21
yours_truly00_2000: k.
root_node: Strange, really.. how life can change some people.
yours_truly00_2000: yea
root_node: From what she tells me, she was nothing like this when she was a kid.
root_node: Hmm… how’bout you? What were you like when you were a kid?
yours_truly00_2000: you’d hafta ask mommy
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: And what might she say?
yours_truly00_2000: that I was a perfect angel
yours_truly00_2000: j/k
root_node: j/k?
yours_truly00_2000: just kidding
root_node: Ok,… which still leaves the “little angel’s” childhood activities…?
yours_truly00_2000: I dunno
yours_truly00_2000: I think I was a good kid
root_node: I mean, what did YOU feel like when you were a kid?
root_node: Have you changed?
yours_truly00_2000: sure I have!
yours_truly00_2000: I’m not a kid anymore
root_node: In what ways?
yours_truly00_2000: 😉
yours_truly00_2000: I’m more mature wit my ways
root_node: I’m told I was very cute and cuddly as a kid.
yours_truly00_2000: do you think you’ve changed at all from the age of 6 till now?
root_node: I kinda disagree. I look horribly fat.
root_node: Not that I don’t right now… but I’d remove the horribly from it. And I’m not cute AT ALL.
root_node: But as for viewpoint, yeah, I’ve changed in some ways.
root_node: I don’t know if I like it, though.
root_node: I still have the innocence I had as a kid. I trust everybody and everything.
yours_truly00_2000: 🙂

root_node: But I lost the carefreeness of childhood somewhere along the way, and am trying to get it back.
root_node: These days, I’m more cautious, more… sober, etc.
yours_truly00_2000: do u drink?
root_node: Nope. Do you?
yours_truly00_2000: na
root_node: Why not?
yours_truly00_2000: do u smoke?
root_node: Not that either. And I suppose you don’t, too.
yours_truly00_2000: yea, neither do I
root_node: Why? Don’t like it? Scared to? Never tried?
yours_truly00_2000: never tried it … and never want to
root_node: I tried some wine, actually. Couldn’t stand the taste.
yours_truly00_2000: well, a few drinks might be aiite
yours_truly00_2000: you don’t like wine?
root_node: It tasted too bitter. It was red wine, I think.
yours_truly00_2000: i c
root_node: I stupidly bought it when I was at Paris, figuring that if I’m in France, may as well buy wines…
root_node: But neither I, nor my parents, nor my GF liked it.
yours_truly00_2000: kewl
yours_truly00_2000: r u a Maharashtrian?
root_node: As always, chocolates are the best thing to buy anywhere!
root_node: No, I’m a Madrasi.
root_node: You like chocolates?
yours_truly00_2000: luv’em!!
yours_truly00_2000: u ?
root_node: Me too!
root_node: White chocolates, especially.
root_node: I’m quite capable of finishing of a kg of chocolates a meal.
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: And if they’re white, 2 kgs!!
root_node: I like ice-cream too. Actually, my favourite dish (varies, but mostly)
root_node: is hot apple pie with ice cream.
yours_truly00_2000: I hate white chocolate
yours_truly00_2000: it makes me feel as if I’m eating milk bars
root_node: Gosh! I disown you!!
yours_truly00_2000: sowwie , but I don’t like’em
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: Actually, I’m in a minority. Very few people I know like white chocolate.
yours_truly00_2000: ooooh, apple pie wit ice cream!!
yours_truly00_2000: I really want some dessert now
root_node: Me too… hey have you had dinner?
yours_truly00_2000: yes I have
yours_truly00_2000: have u?
root_node: And dessert too? Already?
yours_truly00_2000: wanna go out for ice cream?
root_node: Sure. Shall we?
yours_truly00_2000: lets!
root_node: Where to, though? There’s a good cafe at London. About mid-way, I think?
yours_truly00_2000: lol
yours_truly00_2000: oh , we could meet up there then
yours_truly00_2000: or maybe I can come pick ya up
yours_truly00_2000: <----- has a private jetplane
root_node: That would be great too. No landing strip near my office, though
root_node: Not to worry — I’ll climb to the rooftop, and you can pull me up by rope
yours_truly00_2000: I’ll make one then
yours_truly00_2000: oh that could do too then
root_node: Have you seen “The Matrix”?
root_node: Got disconnected again?
yours_truly00_2000: sorry
root_node: what happened?
yours_truly00_2000: got d/c
root_node: No problem — that’s another thing we could fix when you drop by with your airplane.
yours_truly00_2000: ello?
root_node: We’ll get you a good wireless connection!
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
yours_truly00_2000: okay , so you ready then ?
root_node: Sure. How long will it take you?
yours_truly00_2000: it won’t take too long
root_node: OK, I’ll take the elevator in a couple of minutes, then.
yours_truly00_2000: okie dokie
root_node: I may have to break a few doors, but for you, anything!
yours_truly00_2000: awwww
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: How late is it there?
yours_truly00_2000: it’s 10:15 pm hea
yours_truly00_2000: what’s the time there?
root_node: 10:45AM.
root_node: Exactly 12 hours!
yours_truly00_2000: yea
yours_truly00_2000: u sure u wanna have dessert in the morning?
root_node: Hmm… this also means you’re talking to me from yesterday night — Saturday!
root_node: Sure, why not dessert in the morning? Dessert’s good at any time of the day! (or night!)
yours_truly00_2000: aiite then
root_node: Have you ever wanted to be a pilot?
yours_truly00_2000: no , not really
yours_truly00_2000: have u?
root_node: Naah. But I always wanted to fly. Like Superman.
root_node: Still want to, frankly
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
root_node: Disconnected again?
yours_truly00_2000: no , I’m still hea
root_node: Oo.. guess we’ve run out of topics, then!!
root_node: That can’t be!
yours_truly00_2000: you’ve gotta think of something!!
yours_truly00_2000: Quick!!
root_node: Tell me something about yourself, will you?
root_node: Stuff that you haven’t told anyone.
root_node: We can swap secrets!
yours_truly00_2000: lolz
yours_truly00_2000: yeah sure I’d like to do that
root_node: OK, then! Start..
yours_truly00_2000: swapping secrets wit someone I just met like half an hour ago!!
root_node: Yeah… my dad would think me crazy if he heard!

yours_truly00_2000: we might as well not then
yours_truly00_2000: don’t ya think?
yours_truly00_2000: unless ofcourse you really wanna tell me your secrets
root_node: Depends. are you going to tell my dad what I told him? (If you do, I’ll poke a hole in your jet plane!!)
yours_truly00_2000: a hole in my jetplane??
yours_truly00_2000: don’t you even….!!!
root_node: Yaah! So don’t you dare tell anyone my secrets!
yours_truly00_2000: I won’t
root_node: So, what’s your secret?
yours_truly00_2000: I’m a lesbian
yours_truly00_2000: well, a homo
yours_truly00_2000: LOL
root_node: Noo….. this can’t be… you too? I’m a lesbian too!!!
yours_truly00_2000: j/k
yours_truly00_2000: wowwy!!!!!!!!!!!
yours_truly00_2000: is this a dream come true????
root_node: My darkest secret. No one knows.
yours_truly00_2000: lol@ your darkest secret
root_node: In fact, no one even knows I’m a girl. They all think I’m a guy (funny, really)
root_node: And even then, they don’t believe I like girls more than guys!!
yours_truly00_2000: lol
root_node: Every time I go to a disco and tell girls I’m a lesbian, and would they… well,
root_node: dance with me, they kind of run away.
root_node: The girls won’t even understand my feelings!! God, I’m so happy to have met you
yours_truly00_2000: me too, me too!
yours_truly00_2000: I’m soooooooooooo berry beery glad
yours_truly00_2000: oh God! I’m even more tempted to have dessert wit u now!
root_node: Uh… just one thing. I’m not going back to your place after the first dessert itself, though.
root_node: I want to be properly dated!
yours_truly00_2000: awww man!
yours_truly00_2000: just when I thought I could bring ya home wit me
root_node: No way! What do you think? I’m a PROPER LADY!
yours_truly00_2000: ( Aside: yea right)
yours_truly00_2000: LOL@ proper lady
root_node: OK, then, so… what’s your real secret?
yours_truly00_2000: u tell me yours
root_node: Hmm… lemme see…
root_node: OK, there was this girl who studied with me at school.
root_node: And when I was in class 3, we had this play. The Sleeping Beauty.
root_node: She was the princess, and I was the prince.
root_node: The last scene (where the prince is supposed to kiss the princess) was
root_node: changed for our benefit, and in my case, I just got to put my hand on her head.
root_node: Her name’s {censored}, and she grew up to be the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on.
root_node: Till date, I never have gotten over the fact that it could’ve been me, giving her the first kiss!
yours_truly00_2000: aaaawwww, that’s so sweet!
root_node: I lost touch with her for a long time.
root_node: It was only 6 months ago that I learnt from a friend that
root_node: she was working for {censored} at {censored}.
root_node: I hadn’t even tried to get in touch with her for all these years,
root_node: just scared of what I’d say to her, and
root_node: stuff. I learnt that she’s engaged. Now, here’s where the irony starts.
yours_truly00_2000: she’s engaged??
root_node: She’s engaged to a guy named Anand. (My name’s Anand.)
root_node: That Anand plays the keyboard really well. (So do I)
yours_truly00_2000: whoaaa
root_node: He’s from IIM-A. (I’m from IIM-B.)
root_node: He’s a tamil brahmin. (So am I)
yours_truly00_2000: :-O
yours_truly00_2000: is he YOU??????
root_node: Naaah!!
root_node: That would’ve been too good to be true. But no.
yours_truly00_2000: twins???
root_node: I saw their wedding snaps (yeah, she’s married now — sob sob)! But no, not twins (at least to my knowledge)
yours_truly00_2000: do u ever regret not keeping in touch?
root_node: Well… actually no.
root_node: I mean, for all that she was a wonderful girl and all that,
root_node: my life’s been great the way it is.
root_node: So there, that’s MY secret.
yours_truly00_2000: yep
root_node: Your turn, now.
yours_truly00_2000: *cough* *cough*
root_node: (clear your throat as well!)
yours_truly00_2000: I think I should tell u once I come pick ya up
yours_truly00_2000: we’ll have something to talk to over dessert
root_node: Naah, not fair!! Tell me now, please? Please? Pretty please?
yours_truly00_2000: lol
yours_truly00_2000: I don’t think I’ve really had any such secrets yet
root_node: Oh, it doesn’t have to be “such” a secret. Anything goes!
yours_truly00_2000: can’t think of anything
yours_truly00_2000: u there??
root_node: Well… why not invent one then? And tell me about it before you hop on to your jet?
root_node: I mean, what kind of a secret would you LIKE to have?
yours_truly00_2000: I don’t need secrets in my life
yours_truly00_2000: My life’s an open book
root_node: Hmm… is it? Really?
yours_truly00_2000: uh huh
root_node: You’re a really lucky person, then.
root_node: Stay that way if you can!
yours_truly00_2000: I will
yours_truly00_2000: thanks

root_node: Chalo, let me not keep this goodie goodie girl past her bedtime.
root_node: Take care, and make sure you think of me every time you have dessert!!
yours_truly00_2000: hehe
yours_truly00_2000: I’ll see to that
yours_truly00_2000: been lovely talkin’ to ya Anand
root_node: Bye! Nice chatting to you.
yours_truly00_2000: byee