Dipti Kamath

A refreshing personal website by Dipti Kamath.

  1. JAY says:

    Dear Dipti, am Jay, do u remmember, we met in 2001.where r u? I have been searching for you all over.. UR WEBSITE IS NOW NOW MORE.. cud u plz provide me ur email id, I Wanna know how are things going with u, cud we meet some day? plz mail me at je_777@mail.com I wanan tell u somany things…

  2. JAY says:

    dear Anand, sorry yaar wrongly posted comments to Dipti, cud u help me find Dipti Kamath?? Pl mail me at je_777@mail.com

  3. m.balasubramanian says:

    we were never destined to meet,I guess otherwise i am still waiting fr u dips.dear.bye