Dinner at Indian Summer

Vishnu and I tried out Indian Summer, opposite to Gaylord. It looked like one of those ‘classier’ places, so I wasn’t expecting the meal to be any good. The variety was impressive though, so sticking to my policy of ordering dishes I never had, we tried Shahi shorba (soup), methi tikki and simla mirch besan ke sath, with makai roti and reshmi paratha. For Rs. 550. I recommend every single dish — especially the soup. The service was good, too, and I’d rate it as excellent, except for the fact that the waiter walked up to us and asked us if we’d ordered Shahi Shorba. True to my form, I stared at him cluelessly, looked around, and said, “Who me?”

The poor waiter was understandably embarrassed. He walked to the next table to confirm that they hadn’t ordered it. They hadn’t. He walked back, and in the middle of all this walking up and down, almost spilt a bit of soup on Vishnu. Then he comes back, after checking the register, informing us that we had, indeed, ordered Shahi shorba. Fine by me…

The good part is, now I know how to drink soup — move the spoon away from yourself when collecting the soup on the spoon. Thanks, Vishnu!

  1. The knife says:

    wiow! you are such a cool dude bro..for embarrasiing someone who did not have the classy upbringing you had…

  2. S Anand says:

    Oh, you misunderstood. I had honestly forgotten what I’d ordered. That’s quite typical of me, and that’s what I meant by “true to my form”. The joke’s on me, if anyone.