Transparent laptops

I had changed over the years, and had a sober reputation at BCG. I also had a reputation for giving solid advice about computers.

Recently, our laptops had been upgraded to Windows XP. This was also the time the “transparent laptop” craze was rampant. Feeling fairly sure no one at BCG would be aware of this, I sent out a mail, towards the end of the day, on Friday 1st April 2005. (That should’ve given it away, but it didn’t.)

Hi everyone,

If you’re using the new laptops, be sure to check out the Transparent Laptop feature in Windows XP. Here’s what it looks like.

Picture of transparent laptop I mailed

Have fun!


Saturday, 2nd April 2005. 4pm


“Hello, Anand here.”

“Hi Anand, Harsh. Yaar, how do you turn on that transparant screen? I’ve been fiddling around with the desktop properties, but I can’t seem to find it. I would’ve called IT support, but it’s Saturday. I’ve spent nearly an hour looking for it… (etc. etc.)”

(interrupting) “Harsh, did you see the date on that mail?”

“No. Why?”

“It was sent on April 1st.”

Dead silence.

“Oh shit! Good one.”

Monday, 4th April 2005. 9am

“Hey Anand, I couldn’t find the camera on the back of the laptop.”

“What camera?”

“The one that’s use for the transparent screen. I know the screen’s transparent. So there’s got to be one.”

Monday, 4th April 2005. 10am

“If anyone other than YOU had sent this mail, I’d have dismissed it as a hoax. But YOU…?”

Monday, 4th April 2005. 11am

“Anand, please tell everyone that it was an April Fool joke!”

“Why Jayesh?”

“They’re all asking me to upgrade their laptop to one that has transparent screens!”

April 1, 2005